The northern governor attends the wheat harvest at the Muawiyah Al-Birir agricultural project in the locality of Dongola

The Governor of the northern state, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, members of his government, the state security committee and a group of leaders today witnessed the wheat harvesting operations under the agricultural and livestock production of Muawiyah Al-Birir in Al. -Titi zone in the Dongola locality.

Addressing the celebration held on the occasion, the Northern Governor affirmed that the Muawiyah Al-Barir project is considered one of the successful and pioneering investment projects in the Northern State. He stressed that the state government continues to implement its plans and programmes. and projects despite the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, and its slogan in this regard is (One hand bears arms, one hand sows).

The governor renewed his government’s continued efforts and interest in developing the agricultural sector and benefiting from the state’s agricultural capabilities and advantages. He invited all investors to invest in the northern state, announcing the addition of 10,000 new acres to the project.

The Minister of Production and Economic Resources of the North, Eng. Hussein Abdel Ghafour, also addressed the celebration, stressing that the Muawiyah Al-Barir project for investment in agriculture and livestock represents one of the model projects of technical and scientific investment, highlighting the major role that agriculture plays in supporting the areas of economy, development and social work, adding that wheat harvest operations are progressing, good performance in all government agricultural and investment projects.

He said the Northern State is qualified to develop and succeed in all agricultural crops.

Minister of Investment and Industry in charge of the Northern State, Engineer Omar Ali Saleh, explained that the Muawiyah Al-Barir project for agricultural and livestock production represents the real national investment and model , the guide and guidance for all investors looking to invest in the Northern State.

He confirmed that the project now plans to enter the second phase, that of manufacturing industries, noting that the Ministry of Investment and Industry continues to implement its programs, plans and projects to serve investors and move the wheel of investment, economy and development forward. and the desired development, especially in light of current circumstances.

In turn, the Executive Director of Dongola locality, Dr. Makkawi Al-Khair Al-Waqee, praised the experience of the Muawiyah Al-Birir project for agricultural and livestock production in Dongola locality and its great role in the diversification of agricultural production, highlighting the interest of the locality and its support for the plans and vision of the project management towards expansion and development, particularly in the field of manufacturing industries.

While the Director of the Muawiyah Al-Birair Agricultural and Wildlife Investment Project, Engineer Othman Muhammad Al-Hassan, confirmed that the northern state relies heavily on its provinces to compensate for the country's agricultural production, and stressed as the project continues to implement its plans and enter into manufacturing industries and establish many factories in the coming period. He added that the total project area covers 25,000 acres and 100 axles have been installed so far.

It should be noted that the total area cultivated with wheat this season is 1,800 acres in the Muawiyah Al-Birair project, and the productivity of one acre is estimated at twenty bags, while the productivity of one acre in the projects where harvesting operations took place was estimated at fifteen bags per acre. The difference in productivity is noted through the use of the Muawiyah Al-Barir project based on the latest findings in wheat cultivation technology around the world.

On the other hand, the Governor of the Northern State, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, and the accompanying delegation inspected the existing activities of the project, which include livestock, orchards, fodder and many crops of annuity and seasonal in the experimental phase, which have become a success. long road.

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