The post-war future… is determined by the army and the faithful…!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

The initiatives that arise here and there and find their way to the mouth of the (national consensus) remain acceptable if they are free from any (contestation) of the war situation until after the war, so that these initiatives do not become mere ( intentions) to concentrate. and impose the agenda of their owners and realize their demands by dividing the government. In this case, it is as if they want to “inherit” the battlefield with its army and the other fighters and all the “sacrifices” that bear witness to it. the ferocity of war, and then they do not care to throw behind their backs the blood and tears that have not yet dried, and the “madness” hidden in the chests of those who are affected by the crimes of murder and rape and theft. led by the bastard militia with all the baseness, treachery and barbarity, those who take the initiative must remember that this war is not a (shooting) nor a (political) activity, but rather sacrifices for the good of a solid (national architecture) freed from the causes of war, the dirt of politics and the washing of the homeland of its heritage. The shameless grave and the tip of the spear of this national epic, this (honorable commitment) is between. the army and the people and all the honorable fighters who defeated thugs, traitors and agents…!!*

*We will not accept that an entity now emerges in times of war and the process of “washing the earth” of its causes continues, while it still “binds” its present to the bonds of a bygone era . , we do not know how comfortable it would be to deal with what “offends” the tastes of the majority of people and which makes them “chatter their teeth”, if they want to see the rest of the shameless, poorly known people there. .. We wonder here why this entity appears in its own name as if it were an indefinite article (knowledge) of freedom and change. This means that it is (the origin) and its name, the Democratic Bloc. Doesn't the (branch..?!!) Such behavior arouse suspicion and (disgust), especially when the shameless and disastrous remains of the people are in the hands of the people… ?!! We will not say that such behavior represents (political ignorance), but we will inevitably say that it does (scandalous negligence) and an understatement of how people feel about an unapologetically pariah age ..!!

*We do not want any entity or other group (hidden in shame) to reveal (clearly) Sudan's Islamic identity, on which its past was built and on which its present and future are built, whoever takes its distances (deliberately or cautiously). with his eye on the status of the so-called international community, must know that his every action will be (worthless) and that his choices will take him no further than his feet…so think, O people of understanding and of view. !!*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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