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Muhammad Abdel Fattah, son of the Chairman of the Sovereign Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, died in the Turkish capital, Ankara, after a previous road accident which left him kept in the hospital. for a period until his inevitable death.

Al-Burhan is the first Sudanese president, while in power, to see a son (a young man) die at the age of Mohamed Abdel Fattah.

The doves of death do not differentiate between (young) and (senior) or (ministers) or (guards). Rather, they are specific deadlines in their time and place. They don’t “ask” for an hour or “push forward.” »

Death has not knocked on the door of evidence for the first time, but it has knocked dozens of times, even hundreds of times, throughout family or social relationships.

But the death that was associated with his position as head of state, and with which he was closely associated before, was the martyrdom of more than thirty members of the Presidential Guard forces before his eyes on the day the war broke out in April of the year before last. This is in addition to those who were martyred in the Battle of Al-Karama, and they were many heroes of the armed forces and citizens.

The proof is that since he graduated from the Military Academy in the mid-80s, he has carried (his soul) in his hands (a dowry) for the motherland, and the one who proposes to (the beautiful woman) was not deprived of the dowry.

Since the accident in which Al-Burhan's son, Mohamed Abdel Fattah, was injured, after which he remained on the white bed and was treated until his inevitable death, Al-Burhan has not given up the (national) and (constitutional) duty imposed on him. by position, he only left the country to see his son once (once) and for a few hours. If he has a son who was injured, he has thousands of young people in the country whose educational background is (disabled). ) and whose future is (unknown).

Although Muhammad Al-Burhan was injured in a road accident and his movements and activities were disrupted, the country was hit by this war and its economic and social activity was disrupted and because of the lack of awareness of some and the fragility of bones affecting its political activity, some of its senior political officials have become pawns of work and betrayal in exchange for limited dirhams.

The proof is that if one's son or one of his relatives dies, then one must honor the dead (bury him), but Al-Burhan cannot (bury) the country or its citizens alive as the militias in Darfur (west), and it cannot implement the (euthanasia) policy in the country as it did for Western people in Europe when the patient or his family despairs of treatment and recovery.

But Al-Burhan, despite the grief he suffered following the loss of his son and the loss of stability and security that hit the country, Al-Burhan patiently and firmly bears the responsibility imposed by his position in the armed forces and in sovereignty. Advice.

The relationship of the father with his child remains present, and the instinct for this relationship that God has placed in the (hearts) of the parents remains present thanks to a wisdom known to God, who knows the secret of his creation.

On the death of his son Ibrahim, the Noble Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, said that the eyes would shed tears and the heart would be grieved, and I am saddened by your separation, O Ibrahim.

The proof, whatever it is, is at the end of (father) and (father)… so let him be sad.

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