The road to…. Samar Madani!! – From the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

The road to Madani turned out to be traced on the horseshoes of the armed forces, which look with dove-blue eyes at every town on the island and even every village on the island. Before, we saw trees walking, but now we see thatch. dispersed whenever the wind blows towards gatherings and militia areas. This means that Umm Benaya Shajar has now become (Umm Benaya Qashf), and how easy it is for this building to be uprooted and then set on fire.

The governor of Gezira State completed the recovery of his administrative contract, holding a meeting yesterday for the first time since the fall of a civilian, in which his executive apparatus participated in his administrative capital, Al-Manaqil, and its security apparatus. , some of its birds that migrated to their nests returned with strong feathers, with the exception of the Minister of Health, who has important functions in the Red Sea State related to the health issue in the state , and there is no doubt that this meeting. made important decisions regarding security and service aspects in Al-Manaqil, Al-Qurashi and some areas where the armed forces expelled the remnants of the militia and returned never to return, dragging the tails of disappointment and defeat.

The governor of the island, throughout his stay in transport, remained in constant movement, carrying on his right shoulder the weight of support for the armed forces and providing them with the fighting popular mobilization of the armed forces, humiliating all obstacles which stand up. in the unfolding of this important file, his second shoulder carried the file of the destroyed services, including the sources of electricity and water in certain areas into which the armed forces entered, and perhaps the entry of the Union of workers of Al-Jazeera State. The fighting ranks and military support in these villages were evident. We have seen a number of volunteer engineers who have made strenuous efforts to restore these important services. Perhaps the governor of Al-Jazeera, by receiving this important vital body, dismantled (Sajur) the service. union which remained suspended between heaven and earth at the time of the previous governor and the one who preceded him.

From my platform I look… where I see… That the militia on the island has been shrunk by this brown land with all its space. Some of them were killed and their corpses became a target for hawks and then dogs. Its leaders were secretly and covertly sent to multiple refuges to escape hell. The armed forces. Among them, influential leaders were arrested in Al-Faw and are called Lebanon in their organization. Those who remain are fragmented groups who adopt a theory: (If a country is in distress for you…heal it)! ! Because your destiny is inevitable death.

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