The role of the media in refuting rumors ✍️ Salah Ahmudi

The media is a dangerous weapon, and it is the one that dominates and rules the world today, especially the electronic media and the media that are meant to serve specific purposes, as a number of countries in the world, including America, do.

And here is the state of evil, and the arm of Zionism, the State of the Emirates, uses social media to support the support (the struggle), providing the newsrooms with all the technical capabilities that made the voice of support heard quickly. strong, despite the great and numerous defeats it suffered in all places, but its supported media is trying to raise the morale of what remains. It has its mercenaries and a large number of shepherds who loot houses.

We say that our media, although not supported by modern equipment, aid and financial support, nevertheless lead the society to stand behind the armed forces, the regular forces and the mobilizers, and refute all the deceptions and lies practiced by the media of the rebel militias.

Now, it is necessary to provide the technical and logistical capabilities so that it can play its role during this critical and crucial stage by canceling the victories of the armed forces and urging the citizens to support them and support them with money and men until this commitment is made. the militias of neighboring countries are eliminated.

We say that the media are at the forefront, defending, supporting and following all developments.

Victory of our armed forces

Victory for the Sudanese people

Shame and disgrace to the enemies of the homeland

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