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*Bogdanov: Russia considers that the current Sovereignty Council represents legitimacy in Sudan*

*Both sides discussed political, economic and military cooperation*

*Russia realizes its continued presence in Africa depends on keeping Sudan outside Western influence*

*The Russians' strategy is to prevent others from taking over all of Sudan and completely turning it into a Western colony, so they don't drown in an inch of Red Sea water*

*Western pressures have gone beyond all logic and have selfishly spoiled the interests of Sudan and its people*

*Sudan has the right, and even the duty, to seek its interests wherever they are, with the exception of Israel,*

The visit to Sudan by the Russian Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, came at exactly the right time, and perhaps its most important outcome was Bogdanov's declaration of support for his country to the sovereignty and existing legitimacy of Sudan and its rejection of interference in its affairs and plans to tear it apart.

Bogdanov and his entourage from the Ministries of Defense and Mines held – during their two-day official visit – separate meetings with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, his deputy Malik Aqar, the Council member MP Army Commander-in-Chief Shams al-Din Kabbashi, Foreign Minister-designate Hussein Awad and Mines Minister Muhammad Bashir Abu Nammu discussed the exchange of support political, military and economic cooperation. and increased Russian investment in mining production, particularly gold.

Bogdanov is the representative of the Russian president, and therefore this visit, at this level, achieved its objectives for both parties. This does not take away from the excitement of speculation and analysis that the Russian base was present during the visit. Sudanese leaders, according to the current constitutional document, are not allowed to definitively ratify the agreement. The granting of the naval base is a matter decided by the legislative authority.

It goes without saying that Russian experts are fully aware that the Rapid Support militia war, supported by the UAE, America, Britain, France and African countries, aims to seize the the whole of Sudan, then to control its wealth and its strategic position. in addition to the fact that the interest in a military base on the Red Sea is an attempt to devalue, in the face of the great threats weighing on Sudan and the possibility of occupying it and transforming it into a Western military base, what is the value of an army. According to the author of these lines, the Russian strategy is to prevent Sudan from falling under Western occupation or influence and to completely transform it into a Western colony, to cope with Russia's presence in North Africa, central and western. Russia is aware that its continued presence in Africa depends on keeping Sudan outside Western influence. It is natural that common interests drive the rapprochement between the two countries, as Sudanese leaders seek military cooperation that improves the combat status of the armed forces. forces, especially since the majority of its weapons, notably planes and tanks, are of Russian origin.

Therefore, the Wagner situation and the intersections of Russian-Ukrainian relations in Sudan cannot be addressed or discussed during this fleeting visit, and without doubt, both sides realize the importance of resolving issues with transparency and clarity that strengthen trust. between them, and if these relations are relegated to strategic horizons, both parties realize that the development of relations is not done only with good intentions, this issue requires making decisions based on sound planning and will politics of both parties.

I believe that the visit has achieved its objectives at this stage and that Sudan and Russia are seriously considering developing their relations in order to realize their common interests. Western pressure on Sudan has gone beyond all logic and has selfishly squandered Sudan's interests excessively, threatening its survival. as an independent and sovereign state, what is Sudan's right, and indeed its duty, is to seek the interests of its people wherever they are, with the exception of Israel.

May 1, 2024 AD

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