The shameless and scandalous tricks of the gang……they hide what they don't reveal to people..!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

*The more the pariah cadre group, with its two sides (insolence and rebellion), talks about negotiation, non-war, protection of civilians and humanitarian aid, the more people understand that they have prepared (rotten cuisine) in accordance with (their) own mood), so that their (absurd) conversations become a form of (blatant marketing) for these banners, so how can someone who harbors (bad intentions) and proves them by his (clumsy) actions on earth, can he attack people. with slogans that seem to show mercy on the outside, but inside lies torment…?!! Because of their (conspiratory) nature, they think they can (deceive) the people, and they have deliberately forgotten that the people have rendered their (final judgment) condemning them, that they are (complicit) in words and deeds in crimes against humanity, and therefore their speeches about negotiation or war are nothing more (a trick) to win the sympathy of the people, and you will not find anyone to buy from… Whoever wants to negotiate cannot continue to (incite) the international community. community against his homeland and his people, and anyone who rejects war cannot (light) his fires and flee out of the country and then present himself as an obedient servant to the militia of mercenary thugs. He has compassion for civilians. He can't be the (criminal). murderer) who participates in the funeral of the dead..!!!

*How we wished and wished that there were stores in this world that sell modesty. We advised customers and operators to purchase enough modesty products from them. It would have at least eased people's ears to hear their blatant lies and tricks, and it would have been guaranteed. their self-respect, but they are afflicted with the destruction (of their self) and the death of their consciences, and Satan has made their actions seem pleasant to them, so they are (blinded) and therefore they see no shame in deceiving the people and promoting their flawed political goods… But no matter how cunning and (talented) they have in matters of lies and hypocrisy, the people will not be (stung) twice times from his hole And just like the “legacy” of his burial. This era has gone into the dustbin of history, the same fate awaits their possessions which are exposed today, so that all their deeds become “like ashes” which were blown away by the strong wind on a stormy day ( they were therefore dispersed) and disappeared. .!!

*And thus we leave them in their misery, while the train of honorable patriots traveled a long distance to (save) the homeland and the people from the traitors, murderers, agents and mercenaries who are now in their (last breath), and tomorrow the sun will rise on a homeland which will be (purified) of its (abominations) with the power and strength of God and with the weapons of our army (My father) and the pioneers of the new (generation) , and God did it. control of his affairs, but impudent criminals do not know this..!!*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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