The Sovereignty Council denies rumors regarding the revision of the Sudanese citizenship of a number of tribes in western Sudan

Port Sudan 04/25/2024 AD

The Transitional Sovereignty Council has denied what was stated in a letter widely circulated on social media, regarding the revision of the Sudanese citizenship and national number of a number of tribes in western Sudan.

He stressed that the discourse circulating was fabricated and completely false.

The Council declared in a press release that the parties which fabricated this speech and disseminated it on social networks aimed to sow discord and spread hatred between the different social components of the country in order to serve their agenda malicious, which aims to fan the flames of war and target the cohesive social fabric within the Sudanese population.

The Sovereignty Council renewed its confidence in the awareness of citizens and in their denial of opportunity to those who want to destabilize the security and stability of the country and harm the social fabric between the components of the Sudanese people.

The Sovereignty Council confirmed that it would take legal action against those who fabricated this speech and promoted it on a large scale to serve their goals and agenda, and bring them to justice.

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