The Sovereignty Council mourns the journalist, Mr. Abboud Saif Al-Din

Port Sudan 04/05/2024 AD

The Transitional Sovereignty Council mourns Professor *Aboud Saif Al-Din*, who died this morning in Port Sudan.

As the Sovereignty Council mourns the deceased, it mourns the Sudanese people, a veteran media figure.

The deceased is considered one of the radio talents known for his great expertise and experiences in the radio field. His star shone in the sky of culture, literature and criticism, while the deceased continued to make his radio and literary contributions on all cultural and literary platforms. literature, as director and presenter of Omdurman Radio and several state radio stations, the last of which was Al Jazeera Radio and Television, where he worked as director for years and founder of Hawa Soudan Radio, Sports Radio, then Radio Belady, with which he remained until his death.

“We belong to God and to him we return.”

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