The steps and firmness of Shendi ✍️ Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hassan Othman Shendi

I send a greeting entitled firmness of Shendi, the pyre of the Pasha, who has remained and will continue to persist against the pillar. Yesterday, the marches No. 3 were launched by the oppressive and aggressive militia towards the 3rd Infantry Division (north of the pillar). Levant), this direction with a long and ancient history whose name is linked to one of the man factories and the lair of disabled heroes.

Al-Maaqil is known and narrated by all the men who sweated while training on its lands in preparation for all the battles on the battlefronts, and it is now the factory of preparation and readiness for the battle of national dignity.

Moreover, the division and obstacles are located in the land of history, where the Pasha's holocaust takes place, this land which remained difficult for any rebel or aggressor, and the children will preserve the history of their ancestors.

The Janjaweed marches will not terrify Shendi and its residents, but they will raise morale and increase their readiness to its highest level. Perhaps the one who observed the parade of force and the interaction of citizens in the market with it will come to a firm conviction in this matter.

Shendi will not submit and kneel before you, tools and puppets, evil state of a rebel militia and shameless agents. He remained disobedient in the era of the reign of darkness, of a shameless government that made him fall in the famous cinema battle. Square, which was the breaking point and the beginning of the collapse and fall of the Hamdok agent government throughout Sudan.

The ground of Shendi will not be invaded by the crowd of the Hemedti rebellion. Before you, those who wanted to drink coffee asked for it and did not get it, and the Pasha was burned there. So this is your end. and the end of the rebellion in all of Sudan if you take this step, which is suicidal, and you know it.

You played and had fun in the media talking about the Shendi invasion and you took pictures with the banners, but that is your limit and she will not cross it, so if you want to burn, come to the crematorium so we can execute you with fire bellows.

Because you will face men nourished by the history of their ancestors and the pride of the land, ready to die without it. They will come out of the media in which you speak with shouts and noise to fall into the lion's den in which the interior is missing.

The pillar marches were launched and responded with more firmness and defiance.

Hail to all our steadfast and proud regular forces and to all the sons of the Mujahideen who cling to the embers of the cause, Shendi will remain free and proud, God willing.

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