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It is said that a village is called (Shalalif) and it remained under this name for a long time. If you wanted to go there, you would say: Okay, Shalalif! And the one who comes out of it says that he is a (thug) from Shalalif, and we cried in Shalalif and we will witness a contract in Shalalif, and so this village has long been sipping the pages of history with its name!!

In the village, a young man who studied at the University of Khartoum, called Bakri, tried to change the name, but he faced overwhelming opposition from village residents, especially adults, under the pretext that this name was the old name. the heritage of their ancestors and they did not want to abandon it. After graduating, he left them far away, angry and sad, and lived at the other end of the village and built a house there, introduced electricity and water there, and after a while . For a time a number of his people lived with him and it became another village. They asked him: O Bakri, our village has become big and we should call him. What should we call it? Chalalif Bakri)!

This is how he has now left the (Shalufa political) bloc, which was divided into (Shalalif)!! The fall of so-and-so and the fall of so-and-so and the fall of so-and-so!! And maybe we'll hear (Shalalief so-and-so)!! .

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