The Sudanese army wins the battle…. and the expansion of futile wind fails..!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas See More

Egypt preceded all neighboring countries in understanding the “danger” of starting a war against Sudan, and proved to the whole world that its political spirit is “present” and cannot be bought or sold in light of a war that was fabricated “meticulously” and was spent “with obscene prodigality”, so it should not be limited not only to Sudan, but it will spread in the near future and turn into a “barren wind” from which no neighboring country will be spared on this (wise) basis. ) Egyptian understanding, Egyptian leadership was affirmed by President Sisi and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Egypt's firm role towards Sudan, and not in its neglect of its army, which represents the (most important) tool of stability for the neighboring country, and indeed the developments of the war and its painful consequences have proven the (sincerity) of Egypt's intentions towards Sudan and its people… The war was designed with such (skillful know-how) and it was set (a trap) in which the neighboring countries, Ethiopia and Kenya fell, as well as Chad, South Sudan and Libya (additional mercenaries), facing militia mercenaries imported from other well-known countries..!!*

* Eritrea escaped and recorded an “honorable position” that supported Sudan as well as Uganda… And now that Sudan has “cancelled” the mines of the “Great Sedition”, and the army has decided the battle in its favor, and has refrained from leaving the region (the bad consequences) of the sterile wind, the “awareness” has begun to spread in the countries of Ethiopia and Chad And the others are (exporters of) mercenaries, with (confusion) on the part of the (manufacturers and) financiers) of the war. As for Kenya, its regime is paying the bill for its (imprudence) on the part of its people, and therefore the (reverse) migration to Sudan and the (stampede) to Port Sudan means, in useful summary, (fear). ) from the repercussions of war and the movement of its barren wind that neither remains nor disperses, and fear is sometimes a (lifeline), so they came and will come through the door or the window. or (by proxy), and those who come are (wise) in their hands (the virtue of confession), with genius and (strength). The leaders, the people and the army of Sudan As for us, we say that merit comes. from God first, and to Him belongs all praise and thanks.. !!

*Sudan understands (the ugliness of war), but it fought it with pride and determination because it was (imposed) on it, and it had to (show) manufacturers and customers what it means to live and (win), and what. the (nobility) of its army that does not know defeat… and how it has transformed itself into a wall of steel. The region is prevented (from the greatest fire) that has been prepared (to devour) peoples and countries and transform them. into a state of (nothingness), and benefit from its bounties, after the new colonizers have scattered its ashes to the wind..!!*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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