The system of defense of values ​​- Paths – ✍️ Dr Naglaa Hussein Al-Makabrabi

It is perhaps the predetermined life path which requires the formulation of a solid defense system based on values ​​whose first pillar is morality (I managed to perfect good morals), a word from the master of all creation, our faithful Prophet Muhammad, perhaps God bless him and grant him peace. He is the founder of this great system that we need and all educational institutions need, with the family at its head, this first basic element to evaluate the human self seeking to exist in a healthy and wholesome society. seeking scientific and intellectual development, without considering the importance of realizing the value system by tackling moral impurities in terms of etiquette, refinement, faith, monotheism and honest morality.

▪️Where we find many cognitive systems that talk about ethics, but they do not isolate it and continue to be the basis of and link to the cognitive successes of many sciences and knowledge.

* While it always celebrates scientific conquests within the framework of achievements, genius, discoveries, initiatives and humanities, it does not teach or announce the system of moral values ​​​​that a person needs, like his need to eat and drink, while it derives from everything around him (love and altruism, forgiveness and forgiveness, tolerance and reconciliation, and building a marital partnership based on affection and compassion). And the interdependence of brothers by blood, kinship and religion, respect for the elderly, kindness. towards one's parents, and strengthen the edifice cemented by one body in feeling for the other, love for God and His Messenger, and make science and knowledge the basis of edification and right behavior, the antidote at the start.

*This is what we need during this time!!!! A time when morality was torn from the mind and heart of the Muslim, leaving him hostage to temporal and spatial changes without inviting him to join the system of values ​​and without arming him to face the challenges of time and himself. even from childhood.

* The value system achieves the well-being of the soul, the balm for wounds, the increase of life and the enjoyment of departure to the abode of eternity.

May you live long

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