The Third Division and the militias.. (they haven't caught up) – Masarat – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

Many residents of Shindi and Sudan believe that the repeated targeting of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shindi during marches, which took place three times, the first in the afternoon and the second and third after midnight. was a threat, destabilizing security or causing panic among citizens, but in reality, it is an indicator of reassurance and security because such repeated attempts at different times mean that the militia's dispositions on the ground and in the field are completely helpless in the face of the corresponding readiness of the armed forces in terms of defenses, bases, plans and work on the ground, the militia has failed to “break through” or “penetrate” it, and the story is that it has become understandable that every time the militia is unable and fails to do so. make a (breakthrough) or (an (advance), he has no choice but to send a march to express his failure to advance on the ground (meters) towards Shendi, and in that he expresses his failure by sending marches, it is at the same time rendering a great service. The Armed Forces are testing their antidote against the marches of the militias, and the antidote of the Armed Forces has passed these tests or even the lowest examinations with a success rate of (100%). standing behind.

The Third Division has the initiative on the ground and in the air.

The work of the 3rd Infantry Division in Bashandi is expressed in the words of the song of the knight Al-Jahjah, and you (the falcon) of the neighborhood do not sleep. The falcon has the ability to capture (its prey) quickly, whether it is. is on the ground or in the air with the same faculties and characteristics that the Creator deposited when creating the falcon. It is available to the same extent in the Third Division (capturing) its prey from the militia. walks in the air, and with the same ability and speed with which it captures the prey of the militia on the ground.

I remember asking the governor of Nile State, Muhammad Al-Badawi, about the Quran ceremony for the son of the popular civilian leader, Abdullah Muhammad Othman (Abdul Halim), in Al-Masikitab, north of Shendi, I asked him why the militia marches were targeting Nile State and not the rest of the states. The governor answered my question in just two words (the Nile River is difficult for them).

Today, the war has been approaching for a year and a half, and the threats of entering the Nile and the Shendi River have been felt since the first days of the war, and during this whole period, the militia has threatened and experimented, but all attempts at “massacre” have returned with death, murder, injury and pain.

After the failure of all these attempts to enter the land of civilizations, the militia did not notice that the armed forces were hundreds of times ahead of it. It is enough that the cumulative experience of the armed forces has reached a hundred years. There is no one who used the policy of “they will not catch up, they will retaliate,” and this is why they resorted to marches in the operation (Al-Jadaa), and this policy brought peace and coldness to the Third Division, because it was an opportunity to test antibodies, and success was their ally day and night.

It seems that the militia wanted, by sending these marches, to also follow the policy of staying up late (al-jadad) and no-nomo, but the 3rd Infantry Division in Bashandi did not use one of these policies that the militia uses, but its situation is expressed in this excerpt from the song. You (Al-Saqr) in the neighborhood do not sleep, the girls are proud of you, Badia and Khartoum, Wad Nasa Azaz, Al-Makarem Al-Kom Mosque, the military. The Badia and Khartoum areas are proud of you. And the third division, Shendi, for those who know or not.

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