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As the tradition of the Prophet says, whoever among you sees an evil should change it with his hand, and if he is not able, then with his tongue, and if he is not able, then with his heart. and it is the weakest of faith.

The hadith is clear and the right to change the evil has been “granted” by these mentioned means, even if the latter does not change it, but the right is granted to “denounce” this evil, and this means “inevitability” to change it, even if it is with the “weakest” faith.

The 3rd Infantry Division, Bashandi, followed this hadith and used the first method, which is (the hand), as best as possible to change the “reprehensible” committed by the rapid support militia. It’s not just one “objectionable.” , but rather a “group” of “objections”, and these are objectionables which are rejected by all divine legislations, international conventions and all other laws of the world and countries in their various ideological forms.

The third faction changed this evil (response) to this (aggression) and worked to extend security and stability within the limits of responsibility, rather it exceeded these limits in its real and figurative sense and participated (with its own hand) to change that. (evil) and was present in Marawi, Omdurman and Jazira until it became firm. It is important that the armed forces take the initiative.

The 3rd Division did not (excessively) use (the hand) to change evil and used it according to its (legitimate) right and what the (ethics) of war dictated. This was confirmed by the Minister of Justice, Maulana Muawiyah Othman, during his term. visit to the 3rd Infantry Division, where he said he defended the armed forces at an international conference held in Geneva before last Ramadan, and during this conference he refuted all accusations directed against Sudan and the armed forces regarding ethics. of war in which the Sudanese armed forces are (strictly) committed to implementing their (religious) and (national) faith, before international laws and conventions.

The Third Division did not limit itself to changing the evil with (its hand), but also with (its tongue), because the evil committed by the militia is major and violates all (the norms) and (the laws), and because the question of (changing) this (evil) is not entirely in the hands of the armed forces or the division. The third also used her language to change this evil, calling for the rights of their people to be restored and the criminals to be punished with evil. punishment he deserved according to his crime.

The commander of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shindi, Major General Hamdan Abdul Qadir Daoud, during his speech within the 3rd Division, while receiving the Minister of Justice, Maulana Muawiyah Othman, and a certain number of leaders of the judicial services, called for reforming the judicial system and reforming the laws and legislation that had fallen into the hands of (sinners) during the previous period of change, restoring the rights of their people and imposing ” punishments” due to all those who “commit crimes” against this country or. These persons.

Perhaps Major General Hamdan Abdel Qader's speech represents the direction the military establishment is taking to expand the rule of law and uphold justice without resorting to (influence) or (excessive) reliance on force. (force) in the hands of authority (in retaliation) or (victory) for oneself, but rather to extend justice.

In the speech of General Hamdan, commander of the third division, there was a call to change evil with (language).

Thus, the Third Division worked to change the evil with the “hand” and responded to the aggression and its call to judicial agencies to reform the laws and legislations that were affected by the sinful hand, to restore rights of their people, to punish criminals and extend justice. His call, through General Hamdan's speech before the judicial authorities, is to change the evil with “language”.

Faith is what is established in the heart and confirmed by action, and this is what the third group did by changing evil with hand and tongue. As for the “weakest” faith, it changes evil with the “heart”. and it seems that the rule of “sufficiency of makeup” applied to this in the presence of the “hand” and the “tongue”. Some people did and some people didn't.

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