The War of the Marches – the session is a homeland – ✍️ Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hassan Othman Shendi

I address a national greeting to the people of my country who every day write an epic confrontation with a brutal aggression in which all illegal methods are used to achieve a single objective, which is to enable the external agenda aimed at fragmenting the unity of Sudan and erase the identity of its people, so that the five mini-states drawn in the evil plan are established.

I have continued to repeat that this war is existential, whether there is a Sudan or not, therefore the positions it contains do not accept ambiguity or neutrality, and despite its cruelty and violations, it has clearly shown who wants good for Sudan and its people and who wants evil and destruction for us. This is a war in which all dirty methods and practices were used to try to bring the people of Sudan to their knees, but what failed was a war that broke the bones and humiliated the people of Sudan. this proud and dear country

Today, after the failure of the Hemedti rebel militia and its political wing agents, they have failed to achieve any victories on the battlefield, but they are retreating every morning and returning to normal size after the swelling of their great support. received from the evil state and the forces of global arrogance. Here they are coming back to us continuing the dirty methods using betrayal and betrayal which… This is their dominant nature during the marches in Atbara, Gedaref and Shendi.

They believed that they would achieve victories after the series of defeats that befell them in the battles on the ground, that they would be able to spread destabilization in areas of stability and security and break the determination and firmness of the Sudanese street, forcing us to negotiate. , which would bring them and their shameless cocks back onto the stage.

Perhaps they received the decisive response that in all areas reached by their treacherous marches, the masses of the Sudanese people and their forces have only increased their determination and their desire for greater preparation and giving of men like ferocious lions to eliminate this virus and amputate this oppressive group. who wants nothing but destruction and division for Sudan and its people, instability and displacement.

We saw in Shendi, as in Atbara and Gedaref, the roar of lions and the desire of men to meet, for they were eager to prepare and train. The groups were most numerous at the head of the 3rd Infantry Division and. the National Security and Intelligence Service unifiers who painted a picture of the restoration of the brilliant history of the people of this region and let our forces know that they are not alone in this battle, but that the Sudanese people patriot supports and sustains them until this war ends with the great victory which releases cascades of joy for the motherland and its people after the cloud of the cursed war which was ignited by those who are tools used by hands shameless external falsification and who spread them through the Trojan horse, the peri rebel militia.

Today, the Nile sends its message that this absurdity, which is akin to that of overturning the stadium by the supporters of a team after a humiliating defeat against it, will only increase our cohesion, our solidity and our strength. iron fist on all protests that could undermine our stability and security, because we know that we are a state of security and safety, but rather a refuge for all the Sudanese people in times of calamity and adversity . and we will always remain like this, God willing

Our message to concerned and competent people is to decide on the ground about any security threats that could lead to undesirable consequences. We will not follow decisions that end the presence of the political wing of the Al-Qahta rebel militia inside the state. being fooled by some of them turning over the mattress with the remains of their urine and declaring their support for the armed forces.

Clean the administrative committees and the committees of mobilization, mobilization and popular resistance of the filth of the filth, and you will have the guarantee of the security of the State and its people.

We are now the main line that supplies men and convoys to the battle for dignity, which is why we do not want to be betrayed by a stab in the back from sinners who appear to us contrary to what is hidden. Let's start a campaign. to remove all the filth among us is like moving blood and a temporary bomb to destroy the stability and security of Nile State. There is no courtesy in this because targeting Sudan is therefore a duty to solve problems without human help. any hesitation or complacency

Our message to the media: You must be more attentive and more present on the ground. Get out of the office so you can refute rumors and fake news.

The treacherous marches have fallen like the fall of the rebel militias, the shameless agent in the mud of the sale of the nation, and they will not all stand, God willing.

Victory to the armed forces of our people, our regular services and the mujahideen. May God accept the martyrs, heal the wounded, free the captives and restore the missing. Indeed, He is able to do it, Lord of the worlds.

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