The words are (watermelon strings)… Oh (Umm Wadah), with greetings – Rabwa and Banks ✍️ A. Abdul Sattar Abbas Khalil

I mean, speech (with the preposition of speech) is exactly like watermelon strings!!

This simple and primitive example is given to the speaker every time someone tries to discourage them from speaking!!

It may be a solution to a problem that has arisen or a request to reduce speech in order to avoid the transgression!!

It's about fixing the problem or putting an end to the problem, and this often takes place within (quality) consulting.

▫️ I read, like others, the article written about the highly respected and conflicted (armored) woman, Umm Wadah.

In which she mentioned the details she mentioned and expressed her opinion on the same, and that within the framework of freedom of opinion and other opinions.

There is no surprise, surprise or praise in the matter

Because an opinion does not constitute a judgment, she has the right to express her opinion and direct the tip of her pen where she wants and how she wishes.

To correct imbalances in one's touch!!

Or correct a person she considered to have strayed from the consensus of the people, the path, the street and the group (it didn't matter), not her opinion!!?

This is the role assigned to the press and the media. They are authoritative, and that’s enough!! You are one of the peaks and platforms

As a journalist, we greatly appreciate and respect your pen, and I think that you always tell the truth and do not fear anyone's blame, but you should try to write an article for everyone who is intended to respond or write critiques, comment or denounce.

Or express an opinion on what you wrote!! That's the whole point!!

We see that your pen has been sharpened, writing with the words, phrases and linguistic mastery that his mind has mastered.

So there will be an appointment the next day with an article containing arrows that will kill each other and make the person think a thousand times about writing an opinion or comment!!

And who is our Almighty teacher?

Youssef Abdel Manan is far away

He had his share of rich material (article)

Prepared with attention and care

You have two acquaintances and two big numbers and that's enough!!

And even this person who really liked you, and I thought he did, called you on the phone, and because the call was about you, you couldn't say it, and so did the whole public in an article that s It spread like wildfire, so everyone knew that (his relative) called you, and everyone who read the article understood it the way he wanted it to be understood!!

▫️Once upon a time there was a wise man advising his son by telling him:

Son, refine your taste

Make your right carry error and the wrong of others carry right

Not for nothing, but to overcome and not stop at small stations. This is how life goes.

Move on!!

(We borrow)

▫️Dear word!!

A share is a homeland, and ignoring small things is a duty for the good of the homeland

▫️Most expensive word

God bless our armed forces

Ali, the modern Tatar

Greetings and appreciation

May you live long

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