They are innocent, O Messenger of God (2-2) – Chapter of the Discourse – ✍️ Othman Al-Balula

The spontaneous collapse of the Liwa al-Baraa bin Malik boys is a natural phenomenon resulting from a bitter reality imposed by the Al Qallo terrorist gangs, which undermined the dignity of the Sudanese people.

These young men did not go out to protect the security of the state and its people at a time when the people were secure in their flock and had access to their daily bread… On the contrary, after the affliction was became big and the epidemic spread, they were the medicine.

The cry that the henchmen of the West keep making on social media platforms is that these young people sold themselves cheaply to God to defend the truth and his people and to ward off lies, so God bought their business .

Those who continued to attack the best of our youth and the beacons of our homes by falsely and unjustly accusing them of being shepherds and exporters of terrorism… God forbid, they are experts and simple people who lived among us, their minds mature in thought and their hearts filled with compassion.

The scale of the conspiracy against our country is great, and the targeting of our young men of (Al-Baraa Battalion) who bore the harm and responsibility of defending the homeland alongside our armed forces for the cause of protection of land and honor is greater because they instilled unprecedented values ​​of sacrifice and support on their people… As for those who always continued to speak in the defeated and broken language of… . The issues of the nation… and they flee from its calls. They have no other right than to hide from the fields of men and to seek the dwellings of fools because they are worthy in form and content.

The No to War group rejected all political settlements that would have been enough to spare the country the losses of the current war. They refused the participation of any other party in the country's power and left the homeland for the Dagalo family to create a new one. alliance with which they led the country to where it is today.

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