They write on water! – From the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

We can say that politicians in my country have become their profession, rather their political hobby, to write about water and no one can read their writings except them. They write sentences that not everyone can read because they quickly disappear with movement and transparency. water components.

Some of them became the slaves of the one who gave him dinars and kept the one who gave him his finger to write on the water what he wanted and then told him to urinate in it!! These people had accumulated experience in shameless political practice for the common interest. They are the ones who ravaged this country and destroyed it in a war that destroyed everything that was green and dry. Their hearts were uncircumcised, their ears were turned towards them and their eyes. could only see how devastated they were? And their mouths utter an empty sentence each time

Some of them claim that they understand politics better than others, and they blow from time to time for the sake of the fire. The common denominator between them is reaching the seats of government in whatever form and way they envision, and the result. is a country whose limbs are torn apart by pushing and pulling, as if it were a game of “tug of war”.

From my platform I look… where I see… We are now completely lacking in rational statesmanship and honest patriots whose era seems to be over and the era of politicians who write on the sand in strong wind or in running water is not rational among you? The answer… no.

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