Third Division Receives Support from Nile Zakat Office

The 3rd Infantry Division, Shindi, received 50 bags of wheat and in-kind materials worth five billion pounds from the Zakat office in River Nile State, to support the wounded during operations, defense sites and outposts.

This came during the visit paid by the Secretary of the Nile State Zakat Office, Suleiman Ali Abdullah, to the leadership of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shindi, as part of his visit to Shindi and Al-Matama regions.

The Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shindi, General Hamdan Abdul Qader Dawoud, praised the growing role of the Zakat Office and its appreciated support for the war effort and the support of citizens, especially in light of the security conditions in the country. He highlighted the great effort exerted by the Zakat Office in Shindi under the leadership of its Secretary, Ayoub Ahmed Abdel Majid, as Shindi has become the station for many expatriates, which has doubled the pressure on the Office to provide and provide many services to expatriates, in addition to its support and support for the armed forces as they wage the battle of dignity to defeat the aggression against the country.

He said the Zakat office had white hands and clear fingerprints and had become an imposing symbol in River Nile State.

For his part, the Secretary of the Zakat Diwan in Shindi, Ayoub Ahmed Abdel Majid, said that the Zakat Diwan continues to support the armed forces in times of peace and war, and continues to support all segments and those entitled to zakat. harmony and coordination between the Zakat Diwan of Shindi, the Third Division, and the locality of Shendi, headed by Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, in all the challenges facing the local community, especially after the war and the local hosting of a large number of expatriates, each for their part in preparing accommodation centers, supporting expatriates, insurance operations and expanding security.

Ayoub commended the appreciated support provided by the Secretary General of the Zakat Bureau in the Nile State, Suleiman Ali Abdullah, to the Shindi branch of the Bureau and his continuous monitoring of the performance of the Bureau, which has found acceptance, approval and satisfaction from its employees and those who deal with it.

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