This is what the magician of the Sudanese press, Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr, wrote and predicted what happened in the markets of Khartoum on December 30, 2018 – A whale's thorn – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al -Bishr

*gives time*

*I have written many times that traders and brokers are the loophole that will defeat the government after the government failed to establish laws that control the market and traders began to manipulate prices according to their mood without the State paying attention to the suffering of the citizen who has become at the mercy of brokers and traders and everyone sells according to their mood and according to their whims and lets the citizen go to hell as long as the State lifts its right eyebrow above the level of astonishment and lowers his left eyebrow below the level of astonishment. level of astonishment, he places his hand on his cheek and silently repeats: “You have shamed us citizens, oh traders and brokers. »

* Raw material prices have quadrupled, even for local products, such as vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Prices have become in the hands of a broker sitting cramped in the farthest corner of any market, and there is no room for them anymore. be questioned from any side. The traders were ashamed of the helpless citizen who was turned into a hostage in the market. The hand of traders is far from surveillance and censorship, and so the government is unable to deter traders. and the brokers, then God will grant respite and will not neglect, and he will sooner or later retaliate against the citizens of the merchants, and the justice of heaven will be present, and this is not far from God*.

*He who is immune from punishment does whatever he does with usury or doubles prices according to his whim in the absence of the State imposing its prestige on the markets. The State which imposes its prestige is the State which fully fulfills its duties towards the citizen and the citizen. does what it is obliged to provide the basics of life and can control prices in some way. It is important and no one can exceed the price set by the state. As for the question of state silence, that means whoever doesn't have one. anything to offer the citizen cannot resist the brokers and cannot prevent the greed of the traders, and the government remains in the category of spectator of the outcome of the situation without doing anything. The oppressed citizen is protected. the capital, Khartoum, will burn in a fire. Traders will not be able to save their property and money, and they will suffer from grief and remorse*.

*The honest and truthful merchant will be with the two friends and the martyrs on the Day of Resurrection. If the state is unable to protect the citizen, then the citizen will sincerely turn to God, Lord of the Worlds, while he is oppressed. knowing that the supplication of the oppressed has no veil between it and God. God will uphold the oppressed even if he is unfaithful, and God will not fail the oppressed to whom He turns at any hour from today. hours, if the citizen feels that the government has wronged him, let him turn to God, and if the citizen feels that he has been wronged by the merchants and brokers, then he must pray for them to the Lord to Glory, Nasser of the oppressed, and God will never let you down. The circle will turn to brokers and merchants, and at that time they will look for the citizen to help them, but they will not find him*.

Half a fork

*God has soldiers that only He knows. Fire, water and air are soldiers of God, and whenever human beings commit injustice among them, the Lord of Glory gives respite and does not neglect, and whoever is in error, the Most Merciful extends. for him a litter.*

A quarter of a fork

*The merchants will practice greed and usury, the markets of Khartoum will burn, most of the merchants will turn into beggars and beggars, and their situation will turn from poverty to riches, and this is not the case with God .

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