Those who failed the national exam – Whale Thorn – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr

*(Politicians are like children's diapers. If we don't change them, they will rot. Politicians are like monkeys. If they reconcile, they eat the crops, and if they argue, they spoil them .) The resulting calamities, devastation and destruction. what is happening in Sudan are only the translation of a purely political conflict with military tools, and the current war bears the burden of politicians par excellence, and we can say that politicians. The Sudanese did not feel the value of having a homeland until after Khartoum was burned to the ground, Al-Jazeera State and Darfur and Kordofan States were burned, and the land of Sudan was reduced to what it welcomed, the bravest of them fled with their families to Cairo, and the country. The traitors among them began to travel between capitals. The world sees them as simple traitors who contributed to the destruction. Their country is in their hands, and the host countries cannot respect them as much as they are scrutinized. betrayal, employment and disrespect, and they are considered prostitutes and harlots who are in the arms of a man and whose heart is with another man. This is the most eloquent description of Sudanese politicians in the eyes of the countries that host them. and they are only a repository of secrets serving regional and international intelligence agencies*.

*The Sudanese people have not delegated any politician to speak on their behalf, and no voice in Sudan rises above the sound of bullets, the smell of blood and the spread of death, whoever thinks that Sudan will return to the pre-war stage. in the next ten years, they will be on the list of very optimistic people, and when the war in Sudan ends, most of the current politicians will be among them, because most of them live on stage (except a few ). Their ages exceed seventy and eighty, the youngest of which is aunt Maryam Al-Sadiq, who is approaching sixty. The end of the current war means the end of an entire generation of politicians who have ruined the lives of the Sudanese people. their selfishness, their deceit, their wickedness and their cunning. And if there is a respectable party on the current scene, it is the One Army One People* party.

*القوات المسلحة السودانية والقوات النظامية الخرى صاحبه لمليشيا الدعم الصريع التى تحولت الى حاضنة عسكرية لخائبى وخائبات قوى الحر OF ب الشارع السودانى ضد الجيش وتعبئتهم بشعارات تهدم ولا الطلقة ما بتكتل ومعليش ما عندنا جيش ويا بوليس ) عليه أو الحرب ووقعت الحرب وتم إجلاء العملاء من قيادات قحت الجاليا الأجنبية المغادرة للخرطوم بعد ان نجحوا فى المهمة التى جاءوا for her* .

*There is no room now to practice political work, and there is no respectable politician who should rise through the ranks. When the war ends and a transition period is determined, led by the military alone and a technocratic government is formed, that is when the political. parties must talk about a political process or organize elections if Sudan remains and just talk about a political process at this moment is a betrayal of the lives of thousands of martyrs whose souls rose in the battle for dignity to protect land and honor, and any politician who talks about a political process is just a “dervish at a wedding”. The current climate is not conducive to the practice of politics*.

Half a fork

*Politicians who have bent to sit in power at the expense of the Sudanese people should know that they will suffer a lot from (eating and eating) and will wait a long time until the war ends.*

A quarter of a fork

*Die with your caroches and your food. Time has passed you by, events have passed you by, and you have also successfully failed the national exam*.

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