Three books in memory and loyalty to the martyr Al-Dahish in the Blue Nile region

The governor of the Blue Nile region, Lieutenant General Ahmed Al-Omda Badi, listened to a comprehensive briefing by Solidarity Governor Farah Kabas Madani on the security conditions in the governorate after the martyrdom of mujahid leader Youssef Abdullah Hamouda (Al-Dahish).

The governor confirmed that three battalions named after the martyr Al-Duhish were prepared at the regional level of the governorate to participate in the Battle of Karama in the states of Al-Jazeera, Sennar, Khartoum and all theaters of operations.

The enlightenment also addressed service challenges in the governorate, including the Western Region Road. The governor praised the exceptional performance of the security committee in Tadamon governorate.

And the price of the growing role of the people of the Rifa'a and Kenana tribes and their sincere desire to miss the opportunity for enemies and prowlers.

He ordered the relevant authorities to prepare the necessary measures for the construction of the Khor Al-Greid Bridge and accelerate the implementation of the 22-kilometer Agdi/Ruru road project, in addition to continuing to connect the border areas with the state. from South Sudan. He led the opening of camps to train and mobilize popular resistance in support of the armed forces, announcing the regional government's sponsorship and participation in the Al-Dahish Brigades' graduation programs in the town of Bout during the next step.

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