Through a large movement of the Al-Jili refinery, the National Security and Intelligence Service confirms its effective role in the face of challenges.

⭕ As part of deepening the great efforts made by the National Security and Intelligence Service and fulfilling its well-known national role and continuous support for the People's Armed Forces, Shendi City witnessed the largest movement of the agency, which came out equipped with a fleet of advanced vehicles and modern weapons.

⭕ This mobile, which was farewelled by the executive director of the locality of Shendi and the director of the local security service, comes in the context of the battle of Karama, to strengthen the capacities of the armed forces on the front line and strengthen security and stability in the region.

The security services are engaged in the mission of combating sleeper cells to ensure national security.

⭕ Through good equipment and strategic planning, its success is demonstrated in providing full support to the armed forces, which contributes to the stability of the regions and protecting them from any threat.

⭕ The National Security and Intelligence Service was keen to provide the movements with the latest vehicles and weapons, reflecting their high readiness and ability to effectively face security challenges, and to provide logistical and military support to units stationed on the front lines.

⭕ The Mobile Security and Intelligence Service constitutes a fundamental pillar of support for the armed forces, highlighting the vital role it plays in strengthening security, defending the homeland, combating insurgency and protecting vital installations such as the Al-Jili refinery.

⭕ Multiple messages sent by the security apparatus to anyone trying to destabilize stability and security, announcing the high readiness of the security services to confront any threat, eliminate sleeper cells and ensure the safety and security of the nation.

⭕ With this strategic move and continued efforts, the National Security and Intelligence Service proves its ability to liberate the Al-Jili refinery and protect the locality from any attack. This work reflects the agency's commitment to facing security challenges with determination and determination, thus continuing its heroic role in maintaining the stability and security of the country and its people.

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