To do dirty tasks..!! – The glory of the word – ✍️ Umm Waddah

The so-called Youssef Abdel Mannan came in private and called my response decadent, and I responded to him with what he deserved as he declared himself first team defender, Kabashi, and his spokesperson official, and the man had the audacity to ask me to apologize to the team, Kabashi, for God's sake, see and decide.

A few minutes earlier, a friend of mine had sent me an article written under the name of an unknown person I had never heard of until today, called Murad Balla, accusing me of descriptions that only resemble 'to those who are like him and to the womb that gave birth. For him, anyone who has known Umm Waddah for years, her professional colleagues and her civil servants know who she is, the sister of men and the mother of men.

This disgusting idiot said that I stalked Lt. Gen. Kabashi and wrote the article about Manama because I asked him for a government house to live in!! I will expand on the description of the scene in which I went to ask for my request from Al-Kabashi, and it is a scene where people like you, who have gone bankrupt, are cheap, because they are used to the tasks dirty, and if, as he claims, I wrote this article for the sake of a government house, then why is he defending the team, Al-Kabashi, oh my God, unless he asks the price of a “sponge” He wears it because he? is naked, barefoot and destitute

What I would like to say to this person and to others like him is that someone like me is not intimidated by these absurdities and insults that resemble the background from which he comes and that someone like me do not let his pen be broken by lies and lies. sloppy words, and we were distressed by these cheap people. I rely on words like those that Ibn al-Battana Abqaran said about me as he surrounded my good man (al-Mutawaq and Muhtashem) with his veil. talk about honor, chastity and honesty.

Lieutenant General Kabashi must know that as long as he surrounds himself with such jackals, beggars of your bank, he will lose a lot and will not be a battering ram of power as Lieutenant General Yasser Atta called him, and he will find himself in a deep abyss. to which these people are training him.

I will remain the mother of Wadah Jabal Barkal (the free), whose head does not know how to bend and whose inspiration does not know how to break..

As for the dirty work, you wrote something that resembles you and that resembles the houses from which you left.

Dear word…

I promised God that this pen would remain a defender of the truth and support the causes of our people against lies, buyer and seller brokers, cowards and traitors at all times and in all places.

Most expensive word…

Adel Sinada, I hope you have received my greetings and that your group has a discussion forum, and I promise to get back to you, God willing.


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