To hell with the villages…and your family, Arabs of Rosée – Masarat – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

Every time I hear the song (Laydini Al-Sakin Al-Mawradah), especially in the clip in which the singer says:

The wisdom of being “stingy”

And your family is destroyed by the dew

I find that the poet of this song praised this (daughter) and her family in this house (praise) indescribably, for she was stingy with him of (praise) and (vision), and this means that it is at the maximum in (politeness) and the greatest (modesty), and avarice here (praise) ) in a way that is akin to (slander) and came in exchange for (avarice), which is ( generosity), which is one of the characteristics of his people, and (your family with raindrops) means that they are owners of generosity.

Every time the singer sings this song (He lost me, the resident, the provider), he repeats this verse.

The wisdom of being miserly

And destroy the raindrops.

I have no doubt that this girl resides in Al-Mourda, but there is no doubt about her origins in Dem Al-Qaray.

Al-Qaray comes from the root of (Al-Qaraa) and Al-Qaraa is (to honor) the guest, and Al-Qaraa is not an exaggerated form of the verb (to read).

And Dem Al-Qaray, to whom we came accompanied by the executive director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, and some of his soldiers, to launch the environmental sanitation campaign in the administrative unit (from Kabushi). four authorities present on the ground. We found Basaid Al-Tayeb, who represents the (legislative) authority, as he was present in his councils. We found the (judicial) authority adorning its (garment) of prestige in the person of Nimr Idris. Al-Arbab, and if a person had a share of (his name), then this triple name was enough for him, which combined (courage), (morality) of prophecy and (generosity), and (executive) authority It is present in its reduced form with the director of the Kabushi unit, Abu Bakr Adel, and in its larger form with the executive director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar.

The (fourth) authority came, the press, and its pen was raised by the two journalists, Abdel Salam Al-Qarai. And Moaz Siraj

The effective presence of the (four) authorities in a (area) placed the executive authority under complete (supervision). It is under the supervision of the (legislative) authority of Saeed, under the supervision of the (judicial) authority, Nimr. , and under the control of the (fourth) authority. Al-Qaray and Siraj

Despite this, the executive authorities are beginning to have “confidence” in themselves and in the “performance” of their services, whether in the units or within the health department, which carries out important “security” work. » human, by the nature of its activities. the first of these is environmental sanitation and safety of drinking water, food and consumer goods, and through this it has been achieved. The health administration has noble objectives and the work of this administration is at the heart of the country's national action. security.

Then everyone was reassured about the supply of medicines and treatment by visiting the health center (Al-Naeem), which in (Naeem) is gradually progressing with the introduction of new (departments) and (helpers) which is almost (promoted) to be a hospital.

As usual, (Nimr) only allowed the executive director and his companions to leave after the duty of (hospitality), which is always (without) (bitterness). This means that (a knife) was pulled on the (neck). of a sheep (sharpened), and he prepared for his guests (bowed) and tongue. Their situation says: God forbid we should know his “wickedness,” but he is a “generous” man.

The executive director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, now tells (Hashas) the truth that Dem Al-Qarai was present in the mobilization and popular resistance and in the support (of the convoys), and today she is in environmental sanitation (a priority) which (the insulators) do not deny.

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