To protect his land and his honor.. Citizens of the locality of Shindi block the eye of the sun – cowardly – ✍️ Abdel Salam Al-Qaray

God is Great, the young people of the locality of Shendi, including the Mustafarins and the veterans

Unprecedented enthusiasm and strong will to stand at the forefront to secure the pure land of the state and protect it from impurity and traitors.

These young men are (the soldiers of God, the soldiers of the homeland), ready to strike the rebels and mercenaries of the Bani Qahtan and those who follow them from the Bani Alman.

Oh my God, grant victory to our armed forces over the enemies of the homeland, oh my God, strengthen and strengthen them.

Oh my God, make the mobilized youth the best help for our army, which is leading the battle to restore the dignity of the Sudanese person. The exit of the people of Shendi in a national stampede which exceeded all imaginations, and Shendi and the Nile. The state has become insurmountable for the enemies of the homeland.

We call on our struggling people to mobilize with all their might with their armed forces to eliminate the evil forces of traitors, mercenaries and agents who have desecrated the pure land of Sudan.

Victory and glory belong to Sudan, and the eyes of cowards do not sleep, and Sudan is always and forever in our hearts.

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