To the team, the first proof…. How long will these leaders be ignored..?!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

*At a time when people's admiration burns (in words and deeds) for Al-Burhan, Al-Atta, Kabashi and Jaber, as they lead (the battle of dignity) and the annihilation of the rebellion bastard, at the same time they are waiting on the other side (a humanitarian question) that of the former president, Marshal Al-Bashir, Bakri Hassan Saleh, and Abdel-Rahim Mohamed, Youssef Abdel Fattah and Al-Khanjar, (the historical leaders) of the army. and the Salvation regime. These loyal people were detained for years during which they were subjected to (humiliation) and absent (justice). After the war, they were exposed (at risk of death) to bombing and lying down. wait… and not only that, but the matter has now arrived (for the critical situation), all of them are suffering from (extremely dangerous) health conditions, which are explained by a medical report which is now in the hands of the military command and the judicial authorities, after the doctors who supervised them released themselves from any responsibility for any harm that happened to them..!!*

*A humanitarian situation that we did not expect to be motivated by the feelings of others, in front of our comrades in arms in the army leadership and in front of the judiciary. The rulers and the judiciary deserve more to eliminate the injustice and dangers of these rulers. but (unfortunately) news is circulating about (procrastination and procrastination) from state leaders and the judiciary, regarding this humanitarian issue, and here dozens of questions arise about why… There are Are there other parties that want to do this. in response to (the heresy of the arrogant) former Attorney General Taj Al-Sir Al-Habir…?!! Or are state leaders afraid of another obsession…?!! Or did the weapons company become like this on its own (knocking on the door…?!!)… these leaders would not have done this to their comrades in arms if they were ( sitting) now in place of Burhan and his leadership in the seats of power… On the contrary, it is enough for them after all this neglect, which we fear (intentional). Their positions while in prison remained vibrant with loyalty to the military and the willingness to fight the rebellion if each of them. they had the opportunity to receive a rifle in their hand..!!

*Now the whole matter is before the evidence and the judiciary, (to enforce the right) of these detained leaders to urgent medical care and transfer them to a place where it is available. This right deserves more to be respected, otherwise any harm will be caused. what happens to them will be (hanging) on ​​the necks of the military rulers and the judiciary, and it will not be considered less than… The people looked at the partnership of (the buried Qaht) in the death of a number former rulers who died due to willful negligence on the part of Qaht rulers… and their families said at the time, and many said… (In the presence of God, adversaries will meet) …So be patient, O Burhan and those who are with you, and may these adversaries be judged by God if any harm happens to them..!!*

**We will write and write…!!!*

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