Topaz Company Announces Start of Work After Signing of Memorandum of Understanding

The Governor of the Northern State, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, met with a delegation from Giad Industries Company, in the presence of the Minister of Investment and Industry in charge of the Northern State, Engineer Omar Mohamed Saleh, at the end of the delegation's three-day visit to the state, led by the Director of Topaz Company, Engineer Al-Khair Al-Taher.

The Acting Minister of Investment and Industry said the company had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the state government and had started implementing the MoU by commencing the manufacturing of school chairs by manufacturing six thousand seats, providing the venue and bringing in raw materials to commence manufacturing operations.

The location of the Jiyad iron manufacturing plant was determined in coordination with the national electricity distribution company. The location of medical equipment and office supplies was also determined. In the same context, it was agreed to manufacture 110,000 seats in the second phase.

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