Tribal leader Salim confirms that the United Nations and its affiliated institutions are only tools serving America, Israel and their allies.

Chief Osama Muhammad al-Hajja Salman, leader of the Salim tribes, confirmed that the United Nations and its institutions, including the Security Council, the Human Rights Association and Organizations and the International Court of Justice, are tools at the service of America, Israel, and their allies in European countries, emphasizing that most international organizations are weapons that implement the agenda of these energy-hungry countries.

Al-Hajja explained that the massacres, crimes of rape, sale of silk, looting, threats and intimidation committed by the Al-Dagalo militia against the citizens of the island, Kordofan, Darfur, Sennar western and northern White Nile have not occurred in history. human wars and have not and will not find condemnation from these puppet institutions created by colonial states. On the contrary, these institutions investigate. He expressed a loophole for the armed forces to condemn them, but far from it, because the armed forces are supported by. the people, adding that the game of the Security Council and its statement regarding Sudan's complaint against the United Arab Emirates is nothing but an episode of humiliation, subjugation and insult to vulnerable peoples.

Al-Nazer called on the government of Sudan and third world countries not to hope that these institutions will obtain justice and support these free and generous countries with the will of their people, expressing his hope that these countries will reconsider joining these countries puppets. institutions and find a parallel alternative to them in a way that governs justly in accordance with divine laws, especially our true religion.

Al-Hajja praised Musa Hilal's historic position, emphasizing that it will change the balance of power in Darfur and its results will appear soon, God willing, calling on the Supreme Council of Indigenous Administration to present an initiative that helps restore security. and achieve peace and stability throughout Sudan.

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