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Janjaweed passport..

Among what was reported by news sites and even by human groups, the one who would be the second leader of the rebels of the Al-Jili refinery, and whose photos appeared to be arrested, was found in possession of a Sudanese passport in the name of Muhammad Othman Al-Jaali, which was recently extracted with the date indicated on it, which says it was extracted on February 19, 2024!!

Astonishment tied tongues, stopped the blood in the veins and poured water on the head, and not everyone woke up from the horror of what they had learned…

Everything that has been released about this passport indicates that it is a valid passport based on the details people know about Sudanese passports.

Everyone is asking the question and will continue to ask the question. ..

If this passport is valid in terms of name, date and personal photo, and it is a Sudanese passport, and the man actually has the status he is reported to hold, then who is the one who obtained this passport, how, where? , and by whom were the procedures for issuing this passport, and perhaps many other passports, carried out?

If the matter is not known to everyone and there is a forgery in the whole document, or in the name, personal photo or date of extraction, then why have the police remained silent all this time and didn't she talk to people? with a statement clarifying and revealing the circumstances ??

We are in a time where there is no longer room for anyone to open the doors and offices of state to those who falsify documents or instil facts about people. The Sudanese people who were hurt by such people are no more. being able to bear more after having lost everything…

Weapon of the Resistance…

We have received many calls for help and appeals in recent days asking us to address the issue of the weapon of popular resistance and the diamonds it could bring. .

More than once I have continued to ignore the issue for more than one reason, the first being that I am among those who are strongly in favor of arming popular resistance and mobilizing all those who are capable of doing so, particularly in regions that have been exposed to blackmail and the threat of force against their populations and areas that the armed forces have been unable to reach to save them from the oppression of the Janjaweed.

I continued to ignore, as I heard and read, the existence of an organization of this resistance which could also include weapons, but until today complaints continued to circulate regarding the irregularity in the use of this weapon and the fact that some people started shooting bullets without occasion, while others shoot them only because each of them is carrying a weapon loaded with bullets.

In some cases, official agencies intervened, and in other cases, people were not informed of the intimidation they were facing by using this weapon randomly…

We will never call to dispossess people, nor to make them defenseless against weapons to plunder all the greedy, but we will call for more organization.

We call for organizing by choosing flawless leaders for this resistance and about whom people have no doubt, especially as we see the beginning of a struggle around these leaders.

We expect a system that makes this resistance a hierarchical body controlled by all and takes into account the regulation of the use of this weapon by establishing controls for the carrying and use of private weapons and others for storage , delivery and use of weapons granted by the official. authorities to popular resistance, and if this system is compatible with controlling the use and exercising the required role of popular resistance in any situation, a time and place so that we do not reach with this weapon the state and regions that have not reached. the chaos it has achieved except through the proliferation and non-legalization of this weapon…

God was helping everyone

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