Umm Shajara water for a limited number.. A message to the governor of Gedaref – It's not a secret – ✍️ Ahmed Babakir Al-Makabrabi

I received this letter from the citizen (*Abdullah Ahmed Othman)*, citizen of Umm Shajara, in which he complains to the governor of Gedaref and the director of Gedaref Water, raising the problem of water of Umm Shajara, which benefits a limited number of people from Umm Shajara, according to the approvals according to what was mentioned in his letter, I therefore leave it to him to transmit his message to my journalistic column (*It's not a secret). to the competent authorities, and we hope that it will be processed as soon as possible by the authorities concerned with this matter, and to the text of the message from citizen Abdullah Ahmed Othman…..

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable prophets and messengers.

Almighty God says:

And fear the day when you return to God. Then every soul will receive what it has earned, and it will not be wronged.

The wise poet said

The injustice of his relatives is more painful for the boy than Al-Hussam Al-Muhannad

To whom it may concern in the State of Gedaref. The governor and his advisors

To whom it may concern: Gedaref National Water Supply Authority, Director General, Engineers and Technicians

The subject is the thorny issue of water in the village of Umm Shajara

We ask you to be grateful, and we all trust in your justice and fairness. We, a large number of citizens of the village, are deprived of a sip of water which quenches thirst, washes the dead, or with which a believer who serves himself. wants to pray, performs ablution.

Village water comes in large quantities and a small number of citizens benefit from it, while others drink this water from a caro barrel, for between 1,500 and 2,000 EGP.

Or at airports, prices vary depending on size

We ask you, with gratitude and confidence in your justice and fairness, to examine and research this matter, many of which have not been able to resolve the problems and obstacles.

Many poor people do not have daily food and water becomes another heavy burden, which is one of the necessities of life.

Have not those who disbelieved seen that the heavens and the earth were one entity, therefore We separated them and created every living creature from water?

I ask engineers and technicians who are not afraid of being blamed to submit an honest and objective report on the water problems of the village of Umm Shajara, which benefit a few capable citizens while the vast majority are deprived of it.

May God reward you

And God bless you

Abdallah Ahmed Othman

Citizen of Umm Shajara village

May 5, 2024

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