Unleash their creativity, discover the talents of Sudanese youth in Egypt – Something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Egypt faces a significant humanitarian challenge represented by the presence of large numbers of young Sudanese displaced by the war. Discovering and developing the talents of these young people is essential not only to help them financially and economically, but also to integrate into the country. Egyptian society, but also to enrich society as a whole.

In this article, we will discuss projects to discover the talents of Sudanese youth in Egypt, with emphasis on the role of Sudanese schools and Sudanese civil society in Egypt, through plans to discover talents to through school curricula, and Sudanese schools in Egypt can play a role. an important role in discovering students' talents by organizing… artistic, sporting and cultural competitions and events, creating clubs and extracurricular (extracurricular) activities, providing training and professional development opportunities and cooperating with local and international organizations and initiatives.

Contribution of community initiatives. Sudanese associations and organizations in Egypt can play a vital role in discovering the talents of young people by organizing workshops and training courses in various fields, providing opportunities for communication and interaction with Egyptian and Arab society, supporting young entrepreneurs and providing young people with employment and training opportunities.

Digital technologies and technologies can be used to discover young people's talents on a large scale by creating digital platforms to showcase their work and talents, organizing online competitions and providing online communication and learning opportunities.

In summary, Sudanese schools in Egypt have an ideal environment to discover and develop the talents of young people, for several reasons, including bringing together students from different age groups and backgrounds, providing a learning environment safe and stimulating and giving teachers the opportunity to acquire knowledge. get to know the students’ talents up close.

Sudanese associations, organizations and houses in Egypt play an important role in supporting young people and developing their talents, providing the necessary resources and expertise, connecting young people with educational and career opportunities. training, helping them launch their own projects and making them aware of the importance of discovering and developing talent.

Egyptian civil society can play an important role in supporting Sudanese youth by creating a welcoming and supportive environment, providing opportunities for communication and interaction between Egyptian and Sudanese youth, supporting initiatives aimed at discovering and develop the talents of young people, with an emphasis on opening up Egyptian youth. centers for Sudanese youth in accordance with the required requirements.

Discovering the talents of Sudanese youth in Egypt is a responsibility that falls on everyone, including governments, schools and civil society organizations. Through teamwork and proper planning, we can help these young people realize their full potential and contribute positively to solving their pressing problems. problems and dispel the spaces and causes of emptiness and integration in Egyptian society.

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