Village Women's Association warns of deteriorating situation and demands creation of productive employment opportunities

The Village 6 Women's Association warned, according to Dr. Amal Ali, vice-president of the Association, who spoke of the deteriorating conditions faced by Sudanese women in light of displacement and war. She revealed in a special statement the tragedy of displaced women, calling on the Ministry of Social Protection and humanitarian organizations to work responsibly. to remedy the situation, adding that the survey report on the situation of women in the village, carried out by the Women's Association, revealed the extent of suffering and challenges faced by the women after the displacement. to earn a living, they performed a number of hard jobs such as logging and farming, for a very low salary that was not enough to even provide a single meal. The Minister of Social Welfare and the State Government have emphasized the need to provide income. appropriate working environment for women. She said: “We welcome the association, with all supporters we have ambitious plans and programs represented in the training and qualification of women in traditional industries, in addition to the capacity to manage community partnerships and to work at all. She added that what these projects lack is capital that can be made available in the form of investment funds.

At the same level, the newspaper carried out a reconnaissance tour among the women of the village from inside the “village bazaar” created by the Women's Association, highlighting the great challenges they face to continue the bazaar which, according to their vision, lacks basic components, calling at the same time to improve the environment of women and to support them not only by providing them with baskets but also by offering them… Employment opportunities that allow them to have projects that contribute to production and productivity and protect them from domination by stakeholders, including traders and owners of profitable projects…

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