Visit of the Director of the Nile State Military Information Department to the Department of Culture, Media and Communications, Shendi

Today, Thursday, April 25, a delegation from the General Administration of Military Information of the Nile River State, led by Major General Dr. Mamoun Abdel Raouf, Director General of Military Information of the Nile State State, and its accompanying delegation, and a delegation from the 3rd Infantry Division led by Col. Hafez Abdel Rahman, director of moral guidance and military media at the 3rd Infantry Division, visited the General Administration of Culture, Media and Communications with the aim of examining the functioning of the media. during the war

And subsequent support for the armed forces in the fight for dignity in the states.

It should be noted that this visit is part of a series of visits to media departments, which started from the center of gravity of Al-Damir, passing through the 3rd Infantry Division.

Acting Director of the Department, Professor Alam Al-Din Musa, speaking about the role of the media in his administration during the war period and their support to the armed forces, including the Al-Karama Forums, which were the first departments of the Sudan to implement and other programs with the participation of military media in Shindi.

Colonel Hafez Abdul Rahman, promoting the role of the media and media personalities of the institution, residents and the association.

Major General Mamoun, speaking on the role of media as an authority capable of changing societies for the better by refuting rumors through theater, electronic media, etc., urged media professionals to redouble their efforts. efforts to ensure security and reassure citizens.

For their part, Professor Rajaa Al-Nuwairi, Acting President of the Media Association, Professor Elham Habib, Director of Media in the Administration, Professor Wessal Bassiouni and Professor Abu Bakr Al-Amin confirmed their willingness and all media professionals to redouble their efforts to support the armed forces through their positions and enclosures.

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