War Transformations and American Scandal ✍️ Rashan O'Shea

The “Gavin anti-armor missiles” surprised the Sudanese, after the Rapid Support rebels published photos of themselves in the Republican Palace carrying American missiles.

But there is nothing new in this matter. This is how the war in Sudan has been fought from its beginnings to the present, and the truth has become as clear as the sun. The UAE imports weapons for the rapid support militia, but of all types. The weapons that appeared were not American weapons, except at this point in the war. Of course, the US administration knows that its weapons are being used to commit crimes against humanity in Sudan.

What is really new is the retreat of the United States from the false ideal position that a negotiated solution is the main and only way out of conflicts in the region, compared to what has been said by Americans on this particular issue and what is happening now. As it is said now, the difference becomes clear not only in the language, but also in the content and direction, and here it is: an important question must be asked: “Will the United States present itself as a mediator for a solution peaceful between the Sudanese army and the Sudanese army. rebel militias again? » Can Al-Jallad become a judge?

In their speech on the war in Sudan, the Americans got to the point of declaring that they were looking for a way to end the war, and they consulted many parties on this issue and showed that their demand for reform of the war The state of power fits into the context. As part of preliminary preparations to resolve the post-war dilemma and to undertake serious work leading to the resumption of negotiations, I also proposed at the Jeddah Platform to expand the circle of mediators to include the UAE as mediators with the country. Objective: end the war in Sudan as part of a regional solution. Could all Rapid Support Militia allies play a mediating role in the negotiation process? Are they neutral? Of course they aren't.

The UAE's conspiracy against the security and stability of Sudan no longer needs proof or debate, while fate, along with the stupidity and demagoguery of members of the Rapid Support Militia, revealed the reality of the American position regarding the war in Sudan. , and that he is an essential partner and can rise to the rank of “godfather” of the war to destroy Sudan, and that he supports the rebellion with American-made weapons, providing diplomatic cover, sponsoring its civilian incubator, and by opening international platforms to mislead local and international public opinion and mobilize it against the people and army of Sudan.

Is the American voter aware that the Biden administration is the official sponsor of crimes against humanity committed against the defenseless people of Sudan, including crimes (rape, forced population displacement and genocide)?

The complicity of the American regime in supporting the Rapid Support Militia has been evident since the start of the war. It clearly began when the United States mobilized all its forces to prevent the development of the military posture of the Sudanese army during the first weeks of the war. he is pushing for the implementation of several “truces”, in order to give the rebellion time to catch its breath and obtain… New anti-aircraft missiles and drones.

The effectiveness of the “American brake” appears; Not only in the persistent and urgent US effort to prevent the operational advance of the Sudanese army, insisting on a return to negotiations every time the army wins a battle, but also in the interpretation of US diplomacy at its highest levels, which completely coincided with the position of Rapid Support and its civilian incubator, according to which the resolution of the Sudanese question has an obligatory path, which is the return to partnership before October 25, 2021 AD, with thin coverage of the “End the War in Sudan” initiative, which the Sudanese people reject in its entirety.

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