We will sacrifice our souls for you, Nujoud – The Face of Kindness ✍️ Amani Al-Amin (sister of Al-Kalmis)

My homeland, the homeland of ancestors… the homeland of pride… the homeland of pride and dignity… the land of kindness… the land of light

What have you gained, my country?

So that the bad guys plunge their daggers into your chest without mercy

What is your fault, my country, tell me???

Oh, the cradle of civilization and ultimate beauty

I don't know why the world attacks you and how those who drank your influence could betray you

Dark monsters emerged from their basements, declaring their hatred and vengeance by looting houses, destroying and burning to destroy the green and dry, destabilize security, deprive us of security, distort the beauty of places and steal her perfume.

Where is the twilight so desired by the eyes of poets and lovers?

Where is your pomp, your pride and your pride which wrote the most beautiful pages of history?

Come on, get up, get up and hold on. Do not let the wicked turn you to destruction and turn your monument to ashes under their humble feet… Do not let them desecrate the place with their sinful bodies covered with it. (impurity).

These people, my country, are an abomination from Satan. May God curse them, fight them and destroy them.

Do not let them tear from your land the embers of the struggle, the heroism of men and the roots of life and hope.

Do not let those who set fire to your corners live. We don't want to see their stench and we can't bear to breathe their stench either.

Come on, wake up from your sleep. Raise your head and wipe away your tears.

He looked at the sky

Let light penetrate the darkness of betrayal and betrayal

May He wash away the shame of their steps, their abomination, their odor and the places where they have resided unjustly and transgressed.

Here are your faithful heroes, bearing weapons in your defense, sacrificing their lives to defend you.

They (soldiers, mujahideen and muster men) rush to remove the poisoned dagger from your side and chase the traitor in front of the mercenary.

Good news, O nation, and good news to your children, and move forward to new horizons… make your way through the minefields and barricades.

Cast off the chains of fear and brokenness

Do not lose your reason so that you know what happened and what is happening now, and so that you know who among your children betrayed you, so that you realize their betrayal, their humility and their livelihood. They sold you for nothing.

Arise, O phoenix, and abandon your neutrality, for the situation is of no use in neutrality.

Gray colors, submission and retreat are of no use

Rise amidst destruction, collapse, ashes and sparks, and soar into the skies of magnificence, strength and pride.

Give good news, my country. We are a generation that was born, died and rose again. You are alive among us and you will not die.

We promise to unleash the flood that will send the monsters of darkness into the dustbin of history.

And send the enemies to hell.

And then we embrace the joy of victory ✍️

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