What if we asked Al Jazeera on the 2nd (eyewitness) (before the fall) December 2023 ✍️ Ali Al-Fateh Al-Zubair

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At that time I was in the village of (*Abu Frou`*), located 7 kilometers from the center of the city of Al-Hasahisa, where I had come from the city of Al-Dawim, in White Nile State, via the winding road>Al-Qurashi>Al-Manaqil>Wad Medani City>then Al-Hasahisa..

On the road that stretches for about 250 kilometers, and along this road that stretches from west to east and heads south to reach Al-Hasahisa, I was certain that entering (* Janja*) in the state of Al-Jazeera, by this direction and several directions that I will follow successively, is “unrealizable”. It's almost *impossible*.

This is due to the location of major cities west of the Blue Nile and the nature of the geographical area.

And its variables, the spread of main and subsidiary channels and channels, the spread of security forces and checkpoints, and the control of identity papers and papers and documents for goods and furniture, and almost “every month, once or twice I use this road to reach my supposed destination above”…

Additionally, the Eastern Road, from Rifa'ah Al-Hasahisa Bridge, to Al-Hilalia town (*my experience*), which was also saturated with a security presence every time I was heading south or north.

As it is, on the Khartoum Madani road called (*Madani Street*),,,, and I used it in the days before the fall of the Jazira,, until the area (* Ib Ashar*),,, all the measures taken by the security forces and the State of Jazira, at that time he predicted the stability of the situation to the point that the department of traffic outside and interior of the cities deducts receipts from traffic violations of those who use these roads, and attempts to request an assessment of the conditions due to the displacement and the cessation of sources of income in the event of expiration of the period of license are of no use to them, and I was one of them.

They deposited the fine amounts into the public treasury… despite the extremely harsh circumstances we faced… If I had known a way to escape, I and everyone in my situation would have followed it . positions as proof to show that no matter how much thought and experience you have to change your path to enter, exit and move around Gezira State

Without these usual methods, you cannot… Even the citizens of Jazira State cannot use the alternative routes, because there are no alternative routes, so it was according to our understanding, although it was limited” (*military*). The State of Jazira, by its nature, has an army. presence, although limited and qualitative.

He managed to defeat hundreds of thousands of invading armies, such as the Rapid Support rebels, and it is possible that Jazira State was their mass grave, and certainly if that had happened (as we have hoped), that would have been the end of them. and their historic defeat.

Who would have been immortalized in history… and there is not the slightest doubt with me, nor with any resident citizen, or expatriate… in the matter…

If you ask about the movement of people, life and commerce, it was normal. Many of those who were displaced, like us, were used to the new situation. Some of them transported some of their goods and started their project in one place. towns in Jazira State. And some of them established and developed methods and professions that he did not practice before in order to ensure a halal life for his dependents.

Some of them have also made investments worth hundreds of millions, such as reconstruction and construction projects, restaurants and services like gas stations, car washes and luxury restaurants… and d other projects whose owners have been reassured about the future of the days within the state of Al-Jazeera in all respects. Even the conditions of real estate owners have improved and their coffers have been filled (Oh my God, there is no envy of the rental income for the months before the sad and unexpected fall, wholesale and retail ). It was also a refuge for displaced people from Khartoum, Kordofan and Darfur and a fertile ground for growth and expansion of aspirations for stability, housing and work. They have become accustomed to and are getting used to their new reality with complete satisfaction. and consideration for what they lost a few days ago…

And the state of Al-Jazeera and me *an eyewitness*

Therefore, for many of us it was not just a station, but rather a bright candle

In the darkness of this damn war… and as an alternative to colonization inside the country…

It should be noted that our young people, men and women, come from our people from the village of (*Abu Frou`*).

At that time, I saw them in a state other than their state. Before December 2023, I found them worried.

They put their palms on their cheeks, as if the calamities of this world were on their heads, and when I ask them: What is wrong with you?????

Their response was the same and they were dispersed:

(*What should we do in the face of this calamity that is befalling us???*)..

It was a few days before fall.

So I reassured them and myself that there was not the slightest possibility of the rebels entering the island state… because it was difficult for them and it was protected by his Nile, his land, his army and the prayers of the virtuous.

*But what happened*???

To be continued>>>>> God willing

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