What is the secret of this optimism? – (From reality) – ✍️ Professor Awad Ibrahim Awad

One of the broadcasters of the Al Arabiya channel asked me about my vision of Sudan after the end of the current war, and I told him without hesitation that the situation would be a thousand times better than it was before the war. war. I was surprised that a few days later, a journalist asked Mr. Mubarak Al-Fadil, leader of the Umma Party, about his vision of post-war Sudan. He responded that he was optimistic that Sudan would become better than it. was. Without any introduction, I read many opinions written by their relatives, including politicians, writers, journalists and others, in various newspapers, and their views all followed the same framework, like all the articles and long responses or short in the different The media agreed that the common view is that Sudan will return better than it ever was in the years since independence in 1956 AD. In fact, even though I adopted this opinion without looking at other people's responses, I was surprised and am still confused by this optimism that spread everywhere and came to everyone without agreement. Where does this optimism come from? Have people built it on the phrase (be optimistic about the good and you will find it?) or do they see a flash of fire behind the smoke? In general, the vision of Sudan's future is very positive, despite the ambiguity of the painful reality that the country has experienced and is currently experiencing. Perhaps I would like to go unsaid on this subject and say: the coming years will require a lot of hard work if we want to make this dream come true. The first thing we need is to come out of this hard lesson with a clear vision of ourselves. We must recognize that we are the ones who fueled the flames of conflict in our country. We are all of us, not the army, the Janjaweed or the party leaders, but rather we are the Sudanese people, old and young, men and women, children and adults. This is due to our dependence, indifference, indulgence in decision-making and humility, which has reached the point of humility when dealing with the affairs of the nation in all aspects of our lives. None of us care about the interests of the nation, but rather our own interests. None of us like public money, but we plundered what we could and what we couldn't. None of us are obsessed with production. Rather, all he has in mind is eating for himself and his children, even though his livelihood is fornication and beating the necks of others. Therefore, parasites grew and ousted hardened and honorable capitalism. Corruption has spread to the point of oppressing people without any qualms of conscience or fear of a judge or supervisor. The forbidden structure stretched to the height of the skyscraper, and many people's accounts sank in the banks until the word “billion” came out of their mouths as if it were millimeters. Our social relationships, which were a model to follow in recent years, have become fragmented, so that the only connection between people is that of false interests. This is why we say that this country, which everyone hoped would come back after the war, is better than it was before. It demands that each of us take off our worn, corruption-polluted skin and put on a new one. skin based on self-reproach, purifying the conscience and insisting on sincere repentance from all the vices which have polluted our lives and which have devastated us and our wounded country. Each of us must be resolved not to return to submission, meekness, dependence and heinous injustice. And to resolve within himself to rebuild what he can from the rubble of this country. Everyone must understand that this is the last chance to pass the national exam, which we have all failed many times. Fortunately, the enemies of the homeland, old and new, who destroyed our homes, our facilities and our institutions, could not destroy our will and the determination of our souls. Perhaps this is the source of optimism. We must therefore build on this determination and develop it until it becomes a beacon that illuminates for us the path to the future. There is nothing impossible under the sun because impossible and impossible are just words in language dictionaries. History is full of stories of those who defied the odds and built new glory for themselves on the ruins of a bitter history. The slogan we must brandish is: (If the heart of the son of Adam was attached to the Pleiades, he would succeed). After that, we will see all those words that filled the books and pages of volumes about optimism about a bright future for Sudan come true on the ground. Let's just keep the dead, the hypocrites and those who bet on the loss of the homeland out of our future after this damn war.

Be careful…..

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