What's the matter ? – From the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

The state is in trouble after Sudan's complaint was brought to the UN Security Council table. This strangely managed state did not expect that Sudan's declaration would contain conclusive evidence and living documents! Perhaps Sudanese intelligence got creative in obtaining it in a way that surprised the state and made it fall back on a “wick”!!

Behind the veil are the movements of the state around the world to insert this file and not present it to the members and make a decision on it. Britain made progress in this matter and tried to get Russia to move, but Russia, after the visit, was completely silent. convinced of what Sudanese leaders were telling him about the scale of the plot, and even stood by Sudan logistically.

We can say that Sudan's complaint, after being placed on the schedule of the Security Council sessions and being postponed because of Britain, was initially approved as a legitimate complaint, and that is what made state officials shudder, as this affair would affect them. !!

The UAE will urge major countries to drop this complaint and co-opt regional African countries bordering Sudan with incentives and neutralize some influential national figures other than (the brokers group)!! Those who have connections with influential members of the government to find a settlement to the matter without (revealing one's status and changing the situation)! Perhaps movements have started in this regard.

There is no doubt that the state leadership has its eyes open and is ready to face any scenarios that may arise and decide them quickly. The militia, for its part, began to fear this complaint because it would be a problem. opponent and he risks closing the pipe whose stagnant water flows into their mouths and which unfortunately tastes like a delicious drink!! She is afraid of being the last victim of this state in exchange for her own interests, and in her own words she says: It was I who created you and it was I who completely ended your affairs.

From my platform I look… and I see that the days to come will reveal new doors and new gains that the armed forces will reap militarily and politically through a new platform, and perhaps many platforms -forms after her, so the roads to Samarkand to end the war the war will be multiple… But there is only one way: either defeat this oppressive group and kill it, or surrender, after which all members of the militia will regret it with the phrase: My loved ones have wronged me!!

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