Where do they come from?? ✍🏻 Ali Al-Fatih Al-Zubair

I was stopped by words and a painting circulating in the media speaking of the naked truth of the artist Jean-Léon Gérôme, which he painted in 1896.

The story is by Gibran Khalil Gibran

It tells the myth of truth and lies that spread in the 19th century.

Legend has it that one day lies and truth met

He told the lie to the truth:

_This day is very beautiful!

Truth looked around doubtfully and looked up at the sky. She found the weather to be truly beautiful today. She decided to spend the day walking with lies.

Then he contrasted the lie with the truth:

The water in the well is very beautiful. Come, let us go down to the water.

Truth looked at the lie with doubt for the second time, touched the water and found it truly beautiful.

They undressed and went down to the well.

Suddenly the lie came out of the well and quickly put on the clothes of truth and ran away!!!

Truth came out of the well, naked and angry, running after the lie, wanting to catch up with it

When people saw her naked, they became angry with her and turned away.

About the poor truth,

So she returned to the well and hid herself there, and did not come out again because of her extreme shame.

Since then, lies have enveloped the world under the guise of truth, and the world has accepted it, and at the same time they refuse to see the naked truth!!

Here ends the story that circulates about the history of this painting. Although we are always looking for many news, facts and information that occupy our minds and disturb our dreams in private and public affairs and in the world around us, we do not reach the goal. the truth, except with difficulty, and after a while. And very often we do not realize it … and many researchers have left behind thousands or millions of volumes and researches in order to reach the truth and the result of their inventions, ideas and researches. projects that did not see the light of day … and they died without it … but (the idea does not die … even if its owner dies) so these searches remain an adventure for those who inherit it from scientists. , amateurs and inventors, searching and struggling towards its merit (a present reality)

With the availability of the Internet and communication networks, news and information have become available, but many of us have doubts while waiting for the verification of the veracity of this news and information… and as they said:

Doubt is part of good judgment,

Thanks to my monitoring of the media since the beginning of this damn war, many content writers (news, objective and non-objective) have appeared on the horizon.

In the absence of official media, or let's say their rare and timid presence, we have become, and have become, recipients, looking for information about the war, military operations, the price of the dollar, travel, smuggling, political analysis and everything, with our eyes whenever we find a way to do so, on telephone panels, especially on the Facebook site…

At the same time, there are those who suffer, kill, pillage, see their freedoms violated and flee into the unknown, thirsty and hungry, and we wait impatiently (for news)

The war is over..


The army won..

In the midst of a virtual world that has begun to influence reality and even possess it, sometimes.

Maybe a news that does not exceed two lines or a video clip talking about security in a certain place, and if they arrive at your home, will cause the death of dozens of innocent citizens!!

And all this to get followers, likes, and satisfy the vanity of some content writers who do not hesitate to publish anything, at any time, from any source!!!

News is a trust and a responsibility. If we are not asked about it in this world, we will certainly be asked about it on the Day of the Great Endowment.

Through my previous follow-ups, I would like to answer this question:

Where do they come from??? And here I mean content writers. At the top of this article are photo clips from their Facebook accounts and platforms.

They are of varied origins and cultures.

Their emotions come from the depths of this people, thirsty for truth, who seek it and hope for security, peace and stability, and he represents it.

Among them there are those with whom I do not agree, and among them I am reassured by what he reports or publishes (news, or analysis)… and I respect and follow with passion a little of those who appear in the photo at the top of the article..(without citing their names)…they know their feet well..

Those writers, content owners and others like them that we haven't mentioned.

they we..

With our agreement, our disagreement, our emotions, our mind, our consciousness and our absence,

With our knowledge and our ignorance…

With our historical setbacks, they are supposed to be a station for a beautiful future, a focus of convergence, a model of acceptance of the other and honesty in their proposal.

It appeared in recent days

There are differences between some of them, and they transmit them live or in writing, which contain many accusations and betrayals.

And denial. ,,What warns against our preoccupation with partisan issues,,does not actually affect anything in reality,,

Do not add us as recipients…

In fact, if there is any reproach, the state agencies, especially those that deal with the media and ownership of facts for the people, and which appear from time to time, should not disclose military and security secrets, but rather reassure this patient people.

Hence my greetings, thanks and gratitude to all writers, journalists, opinion holders and objective people, of whom I follow what they write, including Professor Abdel Majid Abdel Hamid, and all

Those who make an appreciable effort find from us the respect and appreciation of all… a follow-up, support… and the right to propagate.

And they came from the depths of this beautiful and sad people

,, accountant..

As a philosopher said, while he was sitting on a chair in one of the parks of his city, a very well-groomed man was coming and going.

All she had to do was address him and say:

Speak, so that I may know who you are… ??? And my will is for me and for you

Write, write and write so we know who you are??

But before you post, be honest.

God is the Help

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