While finding the support of parents, the teachers of village 6 call off the strike and optimistically plan to meet the federal minister.

Citizens of Village 6 and parents of students from different levels of education have called on state government officials to find urgent solutions to the problems facing teachers in the area, who have been on strike since last Sunday in protest against the non-payment of their financial contributions for several months, reiterating their position and their solidarity with the teachers of the village, considering that the question of teachers represents the future. Their children confirmed their intention to submit a memorandum signed by the residents of village 6 to the state governor to develop urgent solutions. to ensure the continuation of the 2024 academic year…

For his part, Mr. Al-Jili Shanan, Chairman of the Village Teachers' Committee, confirmed the lifting of the strike and the dissemination of the educational message to all levels, starting yesterday Monday. He added that the problem and problems still exist. are being resolved, thanking Mr. Al-Houri, the Federal Minister of Education, for his understanding of the conditions of teachers and ensuring that solutions are found to once again ensure the continuity of the school year at the same time. desire to continue the educational message despite the difficulties….

The newspaper's aftermath revealed great optimism among teachers after their meeting with the Federal Minister of Education, who promised to overcome difficulties and find a solution to all problems facing education in the village.

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