White Nile Government Cabinet discusses securing production inputs, preparations for summer agricultural season in the state

The Council of Ministers of the Government of White Nile State, during its regular meeting today at the Government Secretariat Hall in Barbek, chaired by Mr. Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, Governor of White Nile State , discussed the plan to obtain inputs for the agricultural season. and preparations for the summer season in the state, which were presented by the Minister of Production and Economic Resources, in the presence of representatives of banks, investment companies and farmers from both sectors.

The White Nile Governor said the objective of the meeting is to involve all relevant parties with the aim of brainstorming to make the summer agricultural season a success, overcoming challenges due to security conditions and ensuring the arrival of production inputs before the start of the campaign. He highlighted that White Nile State is one of the states relied upon to cultivate areas meant to guarantee food crops for citizens and promised that His Excellency would make necessary arrangements to secure agricultural projects to ensure the arrival of production inputs in coordination with the police. , military, security agencies and farmers.

The Council of Ministers heard a detailed explanation of the plan from the Ministry of Production and State Economic Resources, which was presented by Engineer Wissal Sheikh Farah, Director General and Minister in Charge of the Ministry, who explained that the targeted project The indicative area for the summer agricultural season in the rain-fed and irrigated sectors amounts to three million three hundred and forty-one thousand acres. The plan covered the required production of inputs, fertilizers, pesticides and gasoline. The official from the Ministry of Production highlighted the challenges facing the agricultural campaign, including production costs and the lack of determination of the concentration price, in addition to the high prices of spare parts and the difficulty of their availability.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fayez Abdullah Hussein, Director of the White Nile Sector Agricultural Bank, said that the bank's plan to finance the agricultural season depends on the indicative area specified by the ministry. His Excellency reassured farmers that the bank owns all production inputs. , especially fertilizers of the quality of Urea and Dab, called on farmers to commit to repaying their previous debts before the start of the agricultural season.

For their part, farmers in the rainfed, irrigated and pumped sectors called for the importance of providing production inputs upstream and securing the agricultural season, in addition to introducing energy alternatives to irrigated projects.

The meeting saw the formation of a committee led by the Ministry of Finance, banks, farmers and investment companies to discuss modalities for financing the summer agricultural season.

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