White Nile Major arrangements for armed popular resistance in the locality of Al-Qatina to defeat rebel militias and ensure humanitarian aid in the region

Mr. Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, Governor of White Nile State, met yesterday at the Barbak Guest House the delegation of the Armed Popular Resistance in Al-Qatina locality, led by Mr. Banga Abdel-Baqi and in the presence of Mr. Ismail Nawai, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Armed Popular Resistance of the State, and Mr. Salah Abu Aqla, Executive Director of Al-Qatina locality.

The meeting discussed modalities for supporting and supplying alert camps in the locality and clearing the area of ​​rapid support rebel militias. The White Nile Governor, during his stay, highlighted his government's interest in all matters of the region and said that the White Nile Governor stressed his government's interest in all matters of the region . The state is currently working to negotiate with the leadership of the 18th Infantry Division and other security services on ways to liberate the areas it has desecrated, to prepare the resupply of the alert camps and activate the work of popular resistance in support. with money and men, highlighting the efforts made to arm all the recruiters and supply them in order to be able to liberate all the areas located in the north of the State usurped by the terrorist militias.

Furthermore, Mr. Ismail Nawai Al-Sayed, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Armed Popular Resistance in White Nile State, discussed the programs implemented by the committee, which aim to coordinate the work of resistance, mobilization and the training and arming camps, which were implemented under the orders of the armed forces and security services, he said: “The Popular Resistance Committee of the locality of Al-Qatina launched its programs to support alert camps and bases of the armed forces, reserve forces and special task forces. the region, which feed into the programs of the Supreme Committee of Popular Resistance to support and sustain the armed forces on all axes of combat.

Furthermore, the Executive Director of Al-Qatina locality, Mr. Salah Abu Aqla, said that the meeting of the Popular Resistance in Al-Qatina locality with the governor aimed to organize resistance and support the armed forces of the locality in order to defeat the mercenaries and Janjaweed who took control of the northern parts of the state, stressing that the locality of Al-Qatina was fully prepared through forty-three camps with the participation of all security services are ready to defeat the enemy in coordination with the leadership of the 18th Infantry Division in Kosti and the region, with the utmost care and attention of the State Governor, Mr. Omar Al- Khalifa Abdullah, worked to meet all the needs of the alert camps to move north to liberate the region from mercenaries.

In the same context, Mr. Banga Abdel-Baqi, vice-president of the Popular Resistance Committee in the locality of Al-Qatina, confirmed the committee's desire to defeat the enemy. He said his message was addressed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Committee. The armed forces mean that everyone in Al-Qatina locality is under the command of the army to take up arms to liberate every inch of the territory of Sudan and the state.

Members of the Supreme Committee of Popular Resistance and the Alert Committee of Al-Qatina locality announced that they stand united with the armed forces and behind the Supreme Command of the army and the White Nile State to free the upstate from filth. of rebellion.

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