With skill and dexterity, Sudan overcomes the international conspiracy against it ✍️ Khaled Fadl Al-Sayed

An international conspiracy of several countries that has exceeded twenty countries or more, some operating openly and others hidden in a war that has mobilized billions of dollars, including military equipment and mercenaries from several countries, and has used media experts and specialists in this field to fabricate and falsify the news according to the plan developed for the success of the project that aims to occupy Sudan and control its natural resources.

A plan organized for many years to exploit and colonize Sudan for its multiple resources was implemented by many major European, Arab and African countries united by common interests. The plan would have almost succeeded if not for the bravery of the Sudanese Armed Forces, with which the people stood in a trench against this great conspiracy.

The Sudanese people have not been spared from this war, which has destroyed crops and livestock, destroyed infrastructure, and women have been raped and citizens have been displaced from their homes. Most of them have been displaced within the states, and those who have remained in their homes have been subjected to violence, humiliation, humiliation, beatings and death at the hands of members of this militia, who do not care about the young, the old, the children or the women.

The threads of this conspiracy began at the beginning by targeting the armed forces by limiting them with laws specifically enacted to limit their capabilities, de-arm them and lower the morale of their members while retiring their qualified leaders through various means.

After that, the plot extended to the National Security and Intelligence Service, and the powers of arrest and detention were taken away from it, and its tasks were limited to submitting reports only, and it was completely chained. The plot did not stop there, but. rather towards the dissolution of the Operations Authority with all its forces, which had 13,000 qualified and trained individuals to fight urban warfare, and the handing over of its headquarters to the Rapid Support Forces with all their weapons and equipment, with their leaders being reduced to compulsory retirement through The leader of the Rapid Support rebel militia, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), who was awarded the rank of lieutenant general, played an active role in it in his capacity as a representative of the supreme authority as vice president of the Sovereignty Council. , so this was the beginning for this to be possible. The militia is able to occupy Khartoum and the states and control them thanks to this plan carried out by foreign intelligence and implemented by this militia and its political collaborators in power. The rebel Rapid Support militia has placed armed vehicles with its crews in all sensitive government installations, and military installations have not been spared, such as the Republican Palace and the General Command.

In addition, among the other objectives of this war against Sudan, there is the change of the tolerant concepts, customs and values ​​for which Sudan is famous, and thanks to their weapons that were able to penetrate the joints of the state during the transitional period. they proceeded to amend some laws and articles, especially those that they consider a threat to them, which concern arrest and detention, as well as some articles that prohibit indecency, such as adultery, which they removed from the Public Order Law and which allowed same-sex marriage, which suddenly appeared on the scene in a phenomenon that had not occurred in the history of Sudan, and which is considered an eloquence that will haunt them throughout their lives.

The purpose of all this is to secularize the state and repeal the Islamic laws that conflict with their interests and morals, because most of them lived outside Sudan and were raised in immorality, orgy and stinking morals. They forgot that the Sudanese people are chaste. the people, and their customs and traditions do not allow moral chaos and require the discipline of the public road through which all Sudanese families pass.

The hour of victory is near, thanks to the will of the people and their support for their armed forces, as well as the courage and sacrifice of all to protect Sudan and its achievements. The armed forces have withstood this storm and the immense international conspiracy. against a state considered a member of these international institutions, which itself violated these laws by participating in the crime by ignoring the violations and not being held accountable, despite the presence of evidence and proof presented by the Sudanese ambassador. Guardian Idris, in the Security Council, is enough to condemn it as an international terrorist act in which these countries participate in an approach considered the law of the jungle.

A new reality that will have its consequences after the end of the war imposed on Sudan, in which its armed forces defied the support of the National Security and Intelligence Service, the police and the pensions of the various regular forces, the people, the resistance and those who mobilized for its defense until victory was achieved, achieved through the blood of the martyrs who fell as martyrs in these battles in the cities and states of For the pride and glory of this country.

Despite the cruelty of this war, which harmed the nation and all Sudanese people, one of its positive effects was the return of the people gathered around their armed forces in one trench, and the slogan (one army, one people) was applied.

Another of its advantages is the strong return of the National Security and Intelligence Service to its previous state after the approval of its laws which were withdrawn from it during the time of the transitional government.

The approval of the National Security and Intelligence Service Act is in itself considered a great achievement achieved in the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, including the targeting and systematic war waged by the intelligence services of many of the major countries that have adopted this law. war.

Another positive aspect of this war, despite its cruelty, is the return of social solidarity among all layers of the population through families who are hosting their relatives, acquaintances and friends in their homes in the different states and cities invaded by the rebel militia.

Among the serious problems, after the war comes to an end, the Rapid Support Forces retreat and are militarily defeated by the armed forces, and the hour of victory approaches, there remains a problem that the government will have to face, namely the spread and penetration of the political supporters of the Rapid Support Militia in the civil service in various aspects of the state, whether they are leaders or employees, which is considered a time bomb. This hinders the development of the country, which contributes to the general deterioration of the country after the end of the war.

The indescribable events, sufferings and tragedies that the Sudanese people, with their various components, have endured will remain immortal in our minds for many years and cannot be erased from memory, and will be narrated by the present generation to future generations.

History will tell for generations the steadfastness of the armed forces in the face of these fierce attacks, which have become a subject of questioning and admiration for many political and military leaders in various parts of the world, who expected a complete collapse within a week. But the leaders of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Security and Intelligence, the National Security and Intelligence Service, the Police Forces, the Popular Resistance and Mustafarin have proven their high skills in military planning and tactics, which will become a reference taught in the country. military colleges and institutes.

The name of the Sudanese people will be immortalized in the memory of nations and peoples for their strong stance alongside their armed forces, as they set the most wonderful examples of sacrifice and love for the homeland.

Sacrifices that will remain etched in history for this people who were patient and endured evil and oppression and were displaced, so they took up arms to defend themselves, their honor and their lands.

This conspiracy that resulted in this war will also remain in the memory and conscience of the Sudanese people for a long time, and it is considered an international crime and terrorism in its own right, because its chapters are similar to the Gaza war, in which the Palestinian people were exterminated in the eyes of the world, the UN Security Council, the United Nations and international organizations that preferred silence and non-interference to protect these parodies that are happening to Sudan and Palestine, which by all standards are considered the worst. crime of the century.

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