World Book Day, a golden opportunity for the Sudanese community in Egypt – A gesture for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

On April 23 every year, the world commemorates 'World Book Day', an occasion which provides an opportunity to celebrate books and their enlightening and cultural role, and to promote the culture of reading among various groups in society. This occasion holds particular significance for the Sudanese community in Egypt, who abandoned their homeland due to difficult circumstances and civil war.

In these circumstances, reading becomes a window into new worlds, a means of learning and gaining knowledge, and a refuge from feelings of sadness and loss. Members of the Egyptian community can on this occasion become members of Egyptian public libraries, which allows them to benefit from privileged access to Egyptian public libraries. , notably the Egyptian Library, a golden opportunity for the Sudanese community to learn about various… Books, magazines and sources of knowledge in various fields, which help to develop their skills and hone their talents, noting that the Membership in these libraries is accessible to the Sudanese community accompanied by a passport and a symbolic amount of annual subscription not exceeding the value of an aqashi sandwich or a shawarma, Sudanese associations, houses and organizations present in Egypt can, in cooperation with… The relevant Egyptian authorities must play. an important role in activating the role of libraries, organizing cultural events encouraging reading and contributing to the integration of the Sudanese community into Egyptian society.

Initiatives can be launched to create new libraries in places where the Sudanese community is located and through institutions, associations and organizations, and to activate the role of existing libraries and provide them with Arabic and foreigners meeting the needs of different age groups.

With the cessation of the war and the return of stability, we must work to revive the role of libraries in Sudan, rehabilitate them and provide them with the necessary books and resources, so that they can once again become beacons of knowledge and culture. A cultural renaissance in Sudan can be supported by encouraging the creation of new publishing houses and supporting… Printing houses, printing Arabic and foreign books at reasonable prices, which helps to spread knowledge and culture in the Sudanese company.

“World Book Day” represents a golden opportunity for the Sudanese community in Egypt to promote the culture of reading, benefit from Egyptian knowledge and culture, and contribute to building a better future for themselves and their families. country. Reading is the key to progress and prosperity. , and it is the way to build a conscious and cultured society which contributes to the rebirth of the nation.

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