Yasser Arman to Al Arabiya: Rapid Support committed terrible violations in Al Jazeera State

The official spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement told Al-Hadath TV: We left neutrality and joined the ranks of the army in Darfur and other cities to protect citizens from violations of rapid support and to protect Sudan from the specter of partition.

Professor Yasser Saeed Arman admitted that the Rapid Support Forces had committed terrible human rights violations against civilians in Al-Jazeera State.

This happened on Sunday evening, April 28, 2024, during his hosting on the Al Arabiya channel in the show (Out of the Box).

Yasser Arman added: “We are in favor of stopping the war and the need for aid to reach those who need it, and both parties to the conflict must respond by stopping the conflict and the shooting and opening safe corridors for aid to reach affected populations. by the war in Darfur, Kordofan, Al-Jazeera and Khartoum State.

Regarding their political alliance and their creation of the Rapid Support Forces, according to the broadcaster's question, Arman explained: The Rapid Support was established by a law that was approved by the Sudanese Parliament in 2017 during the reign of Omar Al. -Bashir.

(Arman did not answer the question about their political alliance with Rapid Support, according to the channel's question).

Regarding Al Arabiya channel's question on Arman's vision to resolve the Sudanese crisis, he said: We are between two solutions whose dreams are bitter because we want a quick solution that will end the suffering of the Sudanese people, will end the war and return the citizens to their homes. The other solution is to seek a comprehensive solution to the crisis to build a national army.

He added, but we call on both sides to end the war, as he said.

In another context, Professor Al-Sadiq Ali Saad Al-Nour revealed

The official spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement told Al-Hadath TV on Sunday evening (April 28, 2024) that they left neutrality as movements in Darfur and joined the ranks of the army to fight with it against the Rapid Support Forces militia, which committed He said they wanted to protect citizens from human rights violations and systematic killings, in addition to protecting Sudan from human rights violations against civilians in the states of Darfur and all states of Sudan, which linked them to large crowds of foreign mercenaries. There is a specter of division into mini-states after the Rapid Support Plan and its allies failed to control the reins of power in Khartoum. Al-Sadiq added that the Rapid Support Militia's control over some states in Darfur aims to divide them by creating a failed state. and he said we will never allow that. This is why we will fight the mercenaries and liberate all the Darfur states that we have occupied, so that Sudan remains united.

Regarding the channel's question: Why are you now fighting with the army?? Are there any promises of division of posts in the next authority? Al-Sadiq explained that the main motive is to protect Sudan from the specter of fragmentation, not from authority, and denied the existence of any future promise.

Regarding the question: does the movement have weapons that qualify it to fight in the region, or should it be armed by the army? Al-Sadiq revealed that we have a force of soldiers and weaponry that qualifies us to fight the most powerful armies. We have already fought the army and the rapid support itself during the reign of Al-Bashir for a period of (twenty years) and. we have not been defeated, so we do not need any support from the army, and we are fighting with the Sudanese army in order to protect the lives and properties of citizens and to protect Sudan itself in order to that it does not divide into failed states according to He highlighted the international plans implemented by the Rapid Support Militia: This position is a principled and binding position for us as a Sudanese movement because our members exist in all the States of Sudan.

In another context, the UN Security Council warned against the outbreak of fighting in the city of El Fasher and the violation of human rights.

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