Your suicide marches and Shindi Shindina truly and sincerely ✍️ Elias Abdel Rahman

To tell the truth, by God, not the slightest blink of an eye happened to me, I was not afraid, and fear did not enter my heart for a moment.

I am, and it is devastating, what happened the day before yesterday in Shendi regarding the two marches that surreptitiously entered the sky of Shendi. By God, we are not alarmed and never will be, even if the people at our house in Shendi. are a few meters from the 3rd Infantry Division, and truth be told, their word was: God is enough for us, and He is the best at managing affairs and reading the Quran.

The targeting of Shendi is not new. Shendi and the Mutama have been targeted since ancient times, as they represent Sudan's modern history of heroism and courage, and its ancient history, a seven thousand year old civilization.

And always in generosity and generosity

Shendi and the sequel are a past story and a ray of light

The Zionist enemy has targeted Gaza because it represents the symbolism of Palestinian resistance and our enemy, and Zionism is not far from that. He targeted Shendi because she represents the pride, immunity and strength of the Sudanese people.

Shandi, and truth be told, we entered it safely, and we certainly didn't think about leaving it even for a moment, so we set up there from scratch and we have a branch in Al-Damer .

Shendi, you are our source of inspiration. I renew you as a fact and I consider that our presence in Shendi is complete, despite the short period, but as if it lasted decades.

We're talking about Shendi. We used to have family occasions of comfort and joy thanks to the presence of family, lineage and part of the families.

This is their home, but the story was really different when the family was reunited as a whole, except for one person like this, who said: “We don't know if Al-Damer is my choice, and our friends in Al- Basli is my choice and my best friends.

Shandi, you are disobedient and disobedient, and you will remain disobedient as long as we maintain your heritage, your values, your history and your family, Dar Jaal and them, they will not neglect you, by God. with Wad Al-Badawi, the governor, and everyone has a say. We are not here to protect the Nile, and Shindi, we want to go ahead and liberate all the sites that have been defiled by the rebellion, and you will see the lions and the tigers of the officers and soldiers of the armed forces, of the Popular Resistance, special forces, security and intelligence forces, and each person mobilized at home, in the streets, in the outposts, in the streets. the field, on the market, must carry weapons, and with selection, and the return of the camps of dignity and protection must take place. Every Shandi is required, but rather the entire Nile.

Advanced training and advanced weaponry, and with selection, we, by God, are not afraid. Shandi is as rebellious as Matama and all the Nile in the whole north. This is true because they do not accept being driven like cattle, and. their honor is not usurped, their land and their tillage, and their offspring are not weakened.

More awareness, firmness and preparation. To tell the truth, people from our house told me, all the people went out into the streets, just hearing the sounds of the brave men of the Third Division clashing defenses.

Those who know what the sale is full of, and when distress reveals itself, there is power

We, by God, call on all Shindi and Al-Matma, and even all the Nile, for more training and arming, because we are reassured, but I am ready to welcome them. Let's prepare for development and services. , so that the work of the executive branch continues and so that the strong initiatives of community media continue, in which you have excelled, my brothers and sisters of the Shindi Media Personnel Association.

You are an inspiration, may your inspiration continue with your partners and the Shendi community, we loved you, and we are soldiers with you and Shendi Shendina, and when we invited them over for breakfast a day before the Atbara march with my two colleagues Raja Al-Nuwairi and Najla Fath Al-Rahman, and my colleague Abdel Baqi, I said, by God, you are the honorable Shendi, and of course, Shendi Shendina.

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