Zakat on the Nile (walking) on ​​the (thorns) of the crisis – Paths – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

The Secretary General of the Zakat Office in Nile State, Dr. Yahya Ahmed Abdullah Al-Qamrawi, calmly began his visit to Shendi town by listening to many of the problems in the institutions that were part of his program of visit. .

He listened to the leaders of these institutions as if he had in his hands the magic key of Aladdin, which accompanied our young students for a certain time during their school career and had the ability to solve any problem in a few seconds to those who wanted it. requested his service.

His first stop on this visit was to Shendi (prison), and he did not find the prison director. He started (publishing) in front of (legs) Al-Qamrawi (a torrent) of problems. He didn't reveal his legs. and did not think that it was a (comfort) and that it was an (easy) matter for him. The prison warden is a big deal because his solutions are (restricted) if not originally (imprisoned).

Shendi Prison, which increased in population density after the disruption of Khartoum prisons due to the war, has increased the prison burden, pressure on facilities and reductions in services provided.

The solutions reached the director of Shendi Prison before he (assumed) his duties. Al-Qamrawi ordered the director of the Shendi branch to resolve the water problem that the prison suffers from with the solutions proposed by the director and the problem of treatment and treatment. drugs.

Al-Qamrawi did not ignore the overcrowding problem suffered by Shendi Prison due to the conditions the country is going through, and announced the solution to the problem of most debtors falling within the limits of legality and release In doing so, it solved the problem of (overpopulation) and that of (idle) capacity due to small quantities. And he did not forget to provide means of production as a service allowing the inmate to acquire skills that will enable him. help him after he has served his sentence.

Al-Qamrawi, who worked in Diwan for a long time, knew that the “door” for God's sake had opened wide, so he knocked on the “door” of the 3rd Infantry Division in Bashandi to bandage the injuries, provide water. for ulcers, and bring the injured out of “distress” to “expansion” and “barah” and provide them with what they need during the treatment period.

The Office provided an amount of (15) billion pounds to support the bed capacity with (50) new beds with all its needs in the military hospital, especially since the armed forces were advanced in all axes, and this may be the case. increased the number of injured, and as usual, the Zakat Office was present. And in such situations.

And the security conditions in the country, all zakat resources were affected by this war, and its eight banks opened their doors to anyone in need under such circumstances. Despite these circumstances, the Nile zakat office has acquired a (good) reputation. low resources, he continued to provide his services despite his expansion, and it was as if he was walking or walking barefoot on the road to Thorns.

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