Zakat: productive projects and payment of debts of debtors of Shendi Prison

Director of the Zakat Office in Nile State, Dr. Yahya Al-Qamrawi, announced the implementation of production methods for Shendi Prison to help inmates acquire professional skills including they will be able to benefit in the future, and the prison administration has been helped to meet some of the needs.

During his visit to Shendi Prison, he said that the Zakat Office was ready to pay the debtors' amounts that fall under legal responsibility and to the relevant authorities.

Dr. Al-Qamrawi, director of the Zakat office in Shindi, led full cooperation with the prison administration regarding some issues related to treatment, health insurance and the problem of drinking water.

The Secretary General of the Nile Zakat Office addressed the inmates of Shendi Prison and urged patience until the period requires punishment and to take advantage of this period by changing for the better and for the best.

He organized three days of entertainment for the inmates to change the monotonous atmosphere of the prison.

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